You’re part of the digital transformation that takes place every second of every day. It’s complex, constantly evolving and it won’t stand still.

We know digital behaviour. We analyse it and interpret it and we use it to create powerful digital strategies and compelling website performances that ensure you make your mark online and thrive in the digital world.

For your web presence to really work, it has to be effective. It absolutely has to be engaging. And the experiences you offer must be sufficiently rich, rewarding and meaningful to inspire a closer look. All the time, our digital team is here, measuring and monitoring, optimising and protecting and ensuring all the pieces of your digital puzzle are working in harmony and evolving with your business every second of every day.

CuCo is a talented digital agency based in Bournemouth. We are curators of breathtaking and perfectly formed websites, where user experience forms a key part of our web design process.

Our digital agency research, discover and explores the full potential of any brand’s website to help our creative team design and build the best digital experience for the end-user. Every website we design is built to be responsive, meaning it looks as beautiful on mobile and tablet as it does on desktop.

Once a website is designed, we pride ourselves on maintaining its performance with insightful SEO reports. Using essential digital reporting tools helps us understand where a website can improve to help to rank and discover opportunities for a brand to be found through keywords.

CuCo Creative also have a dedicated server which we offer to all of our clients. Being a sustainable thinking digital agency, we proudly offer all of our clients fast ‘green’ hosting. We host all of our websites on eco-friendly servers powered by renewable energy.

Let’s give them a show to remember.

Our web design expertise.


  • Digital Audit

    Consider the scale of your presence across your online platforms and media channels, how your content is being used, the number of profiles that exist and who can see it and it’s easy to see the value of a digital audit. A CuCo digital audit assessment will show you how effective your online presence is and how we can create a digital strategy for you that will increase engagement and your ROI through more tailored, researched messaging.


  • Digital Strategy

    Digital transformation is happening every single day. Email marketing, PPC, display advertising, Apps, SEO – the digital landscape is complex and ever-evolving. We make digital work for your business. By harnessing the power of the latest in digital innovation we will build your brand online. Our team create a digital strategy bespoke to you – one that ensures your business thrives in the digital world.


  • Website Scoping

    CuCo’s website scoping process begins with extensive research into your market trends and competitors and a review of requirements and specification with you. The website scoping process will take account of the website content you have, the creation of new content you’ll need and the tools you have in place to measure effectiveness. As we plan, we’ll consider the user journey and flow before we propose a website design, structure and functionality using site schematics and wireframes to give you the insight and confidence you’ll need as we move on to your website content and design.


  • SEO Strategy

    An effective SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy will improve your website’s search engine rankings with the aim of seeing you as close to the top of your potential visitors’ search pages as possible. CuCo can help you increase your chances of appearing in search results and growing your organic market share at the same time. We’ll show you how we can create an intelligent SEO strategy that offers value and relevance and stays faithful to your brand identity.


  • PPC Strategy

    CuCo devises PPC (pay per click) strategies for businesses who want to generate traffic and revenue, to increase brand awareness and/or convert users and visitors into customers. We use proven formulas that incorporate market intelligence, stand-out ad design, well-constructed SEO copywriting and keyword expertise to create PPC campaigns that are SEO friendly and create impact.


  • Keyword Research

    Keyword research is what effective SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy is based on. The process of keyword research, interpreting metrics and definitions can sound complicated, but CuCo’s digital team is adept at managing keyword research and incorporating it into an SEO campaign that identifies and matches the search demand by your target audiences.


  • Performance Reporting & Analysis

    Tracking, monitoring, measuring and understanding your digital performance is critical to the success of your website and digital campaigns. CuCo’s digital team conducts regular performance reporting and analysis that include key metrics, such as behaviour, conversions and insights alongside website traffic, engagement, conversion and keyword ranking KPIs.


Design & Development

  • Structure & Wireframing Development

    Website structure and wireframing development follows the initial research and planning stage of a new, bespoke website process. CuCo bases this phase of our website development on the findings from our research into your market, its activities and the competitors you want to lead. We’ll have worked with you to review exactly what you want to achieve in terms of your website requirements and its functionality before we move onto the visitor journey and individual page layouts they’ll navigate. We’ll create a site schematic and wireframes that show you what the visitor’s journey and their experience will look like before we start to bring it to life.

  • UX Design & Prototyping

    If you want your website to work wonders for your business and brand, having an effective UX (user experience) is vital. CuCo creates powerful, memorable and exciting user experiences with stunning user interfaces that make navigating a website a pleasure. Whether you want us to design and build a new, bespoke website or reevaluate and redesign an existing website, we can help with UX design and prototyping that will increase your brand value and give your website a new, innovative and rewarding visitor experience.

  • Bespoke Design & Build

    As WordPress specialists, CuCo design and develop bespoke responsive, eCommerce and brochure websites built on the CMS platform WordPress. Whether you are looking to develop a brand new website from scratch, or add refreshing touches to an existing site, CuCo’s Digital Team are the WordPress experts. As an open source CMS, WordPress allows both us and our clients to update their own content quickly and with ease.

  • Themed Websites

    If you’re considering a new website that give you a professional, well performing website and fit your budget, talk to CuCo about our portfolio of pre-built themes and pre-templated frameworks. We’ve designed and developed beautiful websites for organisations. Our themed website design services will give you a powerful, functional and professionally branded website with blog and landing pages, SEO content and other features that are responsive and work perfectly on all devices. You’ll also have the support of our digital team to help your website reach more people with effective digital campaigns.

  • eCommerce Websites

    If you’d like to launch a new eCommerce website that will give you the functionality, user experience and tolls to help you reach more customers and increase sales, CuCo can help. Using WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify Plus we design and build both bespoke and themed eCommerce website solutions that will help you run and grow your business securely.

  • Bespoke Spektrix Integration & Web Development

    Spektrix is an end-to-end ticket, marketing and fundraising CRM solution that’s trusted by the arts and culture sector. CuCo is proud to offer Spektrix website design, including iframe framework and full API integration as a service to box offices who want to power ticket sales. We can integrate Spektrix with your website using a bespoke approach that will give you the functionality and approach that works for you.

  • Functionality

    If you’re looking for specific functionality from your website, for example, eCommerce, 3rd party system integration, subscriptions and bookings, etc. CuCo can help. Our web development team are experts when it comes to thinking strategically about what your business needs and creating customised, bespoke website solutions that will give you the specific functionality to make it happen.

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    Understanding the science of SEO (search engine optimisation) will give you a powerful advantage when it comes to increasing the visibility of your website and brand and achieving high ranking content on a a Google search. CuCo’s team of digital experts use keyword research, algorithm trends and insights, SEO-rich copywriting, content and linking to increase your website visibility and organic website traffic.

  • Content Management System (CMS)

    CuCo offers two solutions when it comes to your CMS (content management system) , which include completely bespoke CMS systems and off-the-shelf CMS systems. Our options ensure you get the exact control of your website that you need and at the price you want.

  • HTML Email Campaigns

    CuCo’s HTML email solutions are an affordable and powerful tool in the world of digital marketing. We can write, design, code and manage the dispatch of fully-bespoke branded emails and e-newsletters to customisable lists, then gather valuable information about their success and click-through rates. It is also possible for our clients to generate their own emails – giving you complete control over your e-shots activity. Our team of experts develop and create inspiring emails to drive the right traffic to your website.

Additional Support

  • Digital Content Creation

    Video, engaging website graphics, animated infographics, animation social posts, SEO rich copy. Ensuring your brand has a strong online presence is an important aspect of any marketing activity. As part of your overall content strategy, CuCo will plan and implement your online activity across various platforms we deem suitable for your brand and it’s objectives. We do this through activities such as blogs, videos, thought leadership articles, social media presence, SEO and more.

  • Copywriting for Web

    Copywriting for website, social channels and online media calls for a mix of functionality, readability and adherence to brand guidelines. SEO-rich (search engine optimisation) copy and content should be consistent and true to your brand’s tone of voice to ensure your messaging is visible and valuable. We get to the heart of your written words and web content because we know your brand’s personality and tone of voice better than anyone.

  • Hosting

    You’ll always want your website hosting to be managed by the most effective website hosting provider. If you’re like CuCo and want to do what you can when it comes to sustainability and greenness, you’ll be pleased to know our hosting provider is 100% green and shares the same values and commitment to the environment as us. If you want to go further for the planet, talk to us about our green hosting provider.

  • SEO/ PPC Ongoing

    SEO (search engine optimisation) will always go hand in hand with a PPC (pay per click) campaign. For your ongoing PPC campaign to be successful, it must be managed by PPC experts like CuCo who have an appreciation of digital marketing and keyword strategies that will ensure you get the best results from your PPC ad spend.

  • Website Management & Maintenance

    Website management and maintenance is an ongoing process that will ensure your website remains free of issues and mistakes that could impact your visitors’ online experiences, your website traffic and your SEO and Google rankings. CuCo’s digital team is here to help you manage, maintain and monitor your website to keep your online presence visible and functioning as it should.