Our packaging design agency propels brands through creativity and strategy to make them stand out in noisy markets. Our unique approach to all packaging design projects helps our agency standout from others, this is why some of our brand packaging designs are award-winning.

We’re a packaging design agency that unites both product and brand stories all while taking account of the sales environment, functionality, materials, manufacturing, and distribution. The result is a product that’s packaged seamlessly and has the power to captivate, disrupt, and influence shopping behaviour.

We collaborate with brands of all shapes and sizes and offer creative packaging designs for any sector, ranging from food, drink, and spirits, to beauty and fashion sectors. Our packaging design agency is a sustainably-minded one, and always explores any opportunities to reduce a brand’s carbon footprint throughout a project. So if your brand has strong environmentally-friendly values, we could just be the sustainable packaging design agency for you.

CuCo Creative is an award-winning packaging design agency. We are an agency that recognises the importance of great packaging design to drive on-shelf appeal. Why? Competition to attract a loyal customer base is becoming more and more challenging, with saturated and noisy markets, meaning choosing a packaging design agency is more critical than ever.
Sustainable packaging design is fundamental to our branding agency. It is at the forefront of all we do. Our packaging design and production process will always explore the most ethical and sustainably-driven approach, from the materials we source to the print process. We apply our ethos to packaging design and production, exploring recyclable materials, whether biodegradable or compostable, whilst avoiding using plastics wherever possible. If there is an opportunity to make our packaging design vegan-friendly, then that is an even bigger tick.

The sectors we deliver packaging design for include food, drink, beauty, and retail.

CuCo Creative is the perfect packaging design agency if you require creative partner for alcohol, such as wine, gin, beer, ale, cider and lager bottles and labels.

When it comes to drinks packaging design, it’s not just alcohol we design packaging for. We also create beautiful branding for coffee, tea and even iced coffee.

Packaging design for food is a growing field, with many start-up brands booming. We love working with ambitious start-ups and are a perfect agency partner if you require design for preserve packaging, including sea salt, jam, chutney, and honey. Keeping on the food packaging theme, we especially love cheese packaging design; it offers so much potential, including artisan brand design. Vegan food packaging is really starting to take off, and we love partnering with clients that embrace this approach.
Food packaging design doesn’t stop at food for human consumption. We also design packaging for cat and dog food.

Health, beauty and retail packaging design is an area we equally excel in, having previously designed packaging for a range of shampoos and conditioners. Our agency has even designed sustainable packaging for an eco-friendly single-use salon towel. Organic bath bombs and lip balms, and an entire product line for healthy foods – chia seeds, maca powder, whey protein and coconut oil.

We are sure you agree CuCo Creative make the perfect packaging design agency to either launch a start-up brand or rebrand an existing one. Our talented design team are always at hand and ready to help with any questions.

Creators of beautiful and packaging designs that make brands stand out in noisy markets.

Our packaging design services.

Creative & Development

  • Research & Discovery

    CuCo Creative’s team will work with you closely to understand the ideals and values to be considered when starting a packaging design project. This research and discovery phase acts as a roadmap, where input from our clients reveals how your brand story should be represented in your brand packaging designs.

  • Scamping & Brainstorming

    Our brand packaging designs team will digest everything uncovered at the research and discovery stage. Then, using all the messaging and desired content, with an internal creative team brainstorm, they will scamp out ideas to see what solutions could work for you and your brand.

  • Sourcing & Planning

    Sourcing packaging materials can be a minefield. As an experienced packaging design agency, we will work with you to source regulation-compliant and sustainable product packaging for a range of packing materials; from bottles and jars, to tubes, bags, and boxes. Sustainability is a focus for our packaging design agency, and we always explore the best solution to help reduce your brand’s carbon footprint.

  • Conceptual Design

    Conceptualising your packaging designs is where the fun really starts. CuCo Creative will present contrasting concepts for your packaging design. We’ll invite you to provide feedback as we look to develop and refine your chosen concept into a final packaging design.

  • Prototyping & Testing

    Prototyping and testing are an important part of CuCo Creative’s packaging design process. We begin by creating a more detailed Photoshop mock-up of the chosen concept and checking you’re happy before continuing. We then start to bring it to life by producing multiple-scale prototypes, until the concept is working from a technical standpoint.

    Finally, a 1:1 prototype of your packaging design will be constructed. Then we test the prototype, and if it isn’t quite right, we refine and tweak it back in the prototyping stage until we’re confident it works.

  • Design Refinement

    CuCo Creative’s design refinement stage relies on our testing and tweaking the packaging design at the prototyping phase. We always strive for perfection and continue to refine any brand packaging design until our clients are 100% happy.

  • Packaging Regulation Compliant

    Product packaging is subject to legislation that covers packaging waste and producers are responsible for their environmental impact and a proportion of recycling cost. As a sustainable packaging design agency, CuCo Creative can work on your behalf to source and use compliant packaging that confirms all required legislation.

Packaging Types

  • Can Packaging Design

    As part of CuCo Creative’s creative packaging design service, we produce powerful visual identities for great quality aluminium cans, tin boxes, bespoke cans, personalised tins, branded cans and a great range of other can and tin packaging. All of our creative packaging designs are built to suit your brand, your product and your consumer.

  • Bottle Packaging Design

    Our packaging design services include bottle packaging design for a range of product applications, including, wine, spirits, beer, ale, cider, food and soft drinks, arts and crafts, beauty and toiletry packaging. Our modern packaging bottle designs include clear packaging bottles, glass bottles, PET plastic bottles and sustainable bottle packaging.

  • Label Design

    We design labels and stickers that customise the packaging of any product, and take account of your visual brand identity to create impact. CuCo Creative’s label packaging design services range from small labels for bottles, jars and other containers, to large-format stickers and labels that will be attached to oversize products. If you require an environmentally friendly label to bolster your packaging designs, we also supply 100% biodegradable sticky labels.

  • Box Design

    As an expert packaging design agency, CuCo Creative designs custom box packaging that includes bespoke branded box designs, eco-friendly packaging boxes, sustainable boxes and boxes for food, gifts and a multitude of consumer products. We design your box to suit your product, reflecting your brand’s visual identity and incorporating graphic design elements that make your box packaging design really stand out on the shelf.

  • Branded Packaging

    Your brand sits central to your marketing strategy and corporate image, and it’s critical to stay faithful to your brand identity with packaging designs, to ensure both consistency and recognition. CuCo Creative is a packaging design agency that designs expertly branded packaging solutions for a wide range of products.

  • Promotional Packs

    Promotional packs are often used in product marketing campaigns, which means they need to have creative packaging designs to stand out. CuCo Creative is a packaging design agency that designs promotional packs and packaging that creates visual impact through stunning graphic design, typography and materials.

  • Packaging Collections

    When you have a product line that incorporates multiple product collections, your product packaging must reflect a consistent brand collection message. Our packaging design agency creates beautiful designs that take account of the logo, typography, imagery and graphical elements. Our packaging design services will help you to create a powerful brand family that complements each product line.

  • Bespoke Packaging Design

    When standard product packaging doesn’t give the impact your brand deserves, look no further than a bespoke, creative packaging design to really get your brand noticed. CuCo Creative is a packaging design agency that creates bespoke packaging boxes, recycled bags, cartons and bottles. We can craft a packaging design to your exact specification that reflects your brand in the best way possible.

  • Accessories

    CuCo’s creative packaging design services cover a wide range of packaging accessories. These include tote bags, carrier bags, folders, luxury and laminated paper bags, gift boxes and tags, as well as branded packaging materials like packing tapes and paper.


  • Sustainable Packaging

    Sustainable packaging is a number one priority when it comes to product packaging today. Many businesses are committed to 100% renewable packaging, socially and environmentally responsible packaging, and eliminating single-use plastics. CuCo Creative is a packaging design agency that can help you create sustainable packaging for your brand’s product.

  • Specification Refinement

    When the conceptual design phase is complete, your packaging design will be refined for the last time to ensure it will perform as intended. This specification refinement stage will give us both an opportunity to review colour, typography, graphic imagery and brand integration. The shape and size of the packaging have to be fit for purpose – and it’s only by evaluating your brand packaging design at every step you will achieve the results you seek for your product.

  • Packaging Production

    CuCo Creative is an experienced packaging design agency capable of handling all production management of your packaging design. We’ll take care of ensuring your creative product packaging is manufactured to the design and standards of quality we specify and supplied to you to the timescales we agree.

  • Print Management

    CuCo Creative designs labels and stickers for products. As part of our packaging design service, we handle the print management of labels to ensure they are produced according to the exact designs and quality we specify. We work with specialist packaging printers to ensure product labels and stickers are delivered to the standards you expect of an elite packaging design agency.

A sustainable packaging agency

We are a sustainable and packaging design agency that’s committed to a greener future. We don’t believe in waiting for change to happen, and we hope to inspire our clients with more than just packaging designs along their own sustainable journeys.


  • What is packaging design?

    Creative packaging design is the art of building packaging for your products that is functional, durable, and eye-catching. At CuCo Creative, our packaging design solutions consider texture, colour, orientation, and shape to most effectively tell your brand’s story – with an eye for sustainability, too.

  • What are the requirements of good packaging design?

    As a packaging design agency with over ten years of experience in the industry, CuCo Creative  understands that good, packaging design needs to accomplish the following checkpoints. Packaging design needs to be functional, in that it’s able to effectively hold your product, durable enough to protect your product, all with a unique and creative design to attract your target audience.

  • What packaging is best for the environment?

    As a sustainable packaging design agency, CuCo Creative is dedicated to bringing green packaging solutions to our clients and partners. Examples of some of the most common, most effective sustainable packaging materials include all forms of cardboard and paper-based packaging, cellulose packaging (made from natural sources like wood and cotton), and recycled materials.

  • How much does packaging design cost?

    Defining how much your brand’s packaging designs will cost, will depend entirely on both the scope of your project, and the extent of your packaging vision.

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