In today’s technological society, the majority of consumers spend a significant amount of time on their mobile devices, smartphones and tablets to scroll through social media feeds, browse online and shop. This is why developing your brand’s website to feature responsive touch is increasingly important.

It has become critical for brands to take hold of the powerful marketing opportunities smartphones and similar devices offer. CuCo provides a full range of web development services, including developing sophisticated websites that are responsive to mobile devices, smartphones and tablets.


A responsive website design adapts to the device on which it is being viewed, delivering a fully-optimised view of your existing website and brand to deliver a better online experience for your mobile and tablet visitors. With seamless integration between a customer’s desktop, tablet and mobile experience, CuCo can ensure that your clients’ attention is uninterrupted and their operation smooth, allowing them to access your products and/or services easily, anywhere and at any time.

Mobile Web Design:

We also offer the solution of developing an independent mobile website, in which not only design, but also content can be optimised in response to the different priorities of the mobile consumer. With a fast, responsive, easily-navigated mobile website, we can help you to reduce the risk of losing those all-important customers.

Take a look at our latest responsive work for our client The Royal Tank Regiment, or simply give us a call to become more mobile-friendly right now.

Note: In all cases, we can offer UX research and design, because we know this is best practice.

Other mobile services we can offer include:

  • Mobile CRO
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Mobile website design
  • Mobile apps
  • Content development

CuCo offers beautifully considered digital solutions to make a positive statement to your current and potential customers before you’ve said anything at all.