Creative design sits proudly at the heart of everything we do. It’s what makes us tick and drives our creative thinking into the hands of ambitious brands who want to perform better.

As an experienced design agency, we fuse intuitive creative flair with insightful storytelling to develop bold, brave designs that moves and shakes and makes fresh and bold ideas commercially viable. We’re a force among creative masters and experts in viewing complex challenges from different perspectives. We like to tread a different path.

We work with you collaboratively to brainstorm and develop, transforming intelligent ideas into brilliant creative graphic design concepts. Then we translate these ideas; reimagining and crafting our concepts into beautiful designs that will trigger emotion and conversation amongst your target audience.

Creative design is where the brave begins and the bold always wins. Truth.

Our creative design services.


  • Creative Direction

    Creative direction works in harmony with brand development and starts with collaboration. CuCo takes time to get inside your brand and what you want to achieve through a powerful creative graphic design vision. Our expert creative team will work with you to devise, plan and deliver your brand vision using a strategy that puts your corporate identity and message centre stage.

  • Idea Development

    In a world where consumers are exposed to fresh new content and ideas at the click of a button, your brand’s creative graphic designs and concepts need to massively stand out amongst your competitors. Here at CuCo, we love nothing more than to get our creative juices flowing. Whether it is a localised guerilla marketing campaign, or simply adding that extra special print finish on your marketing literature, CuCo Creative will ensure your brand communications are both unique and engaging.

  • Graphic Design

    Creative graphic design sits at the heart of everything we do. CuCo’s creative team includes some seriously talented graphic designers who know how to portray your business and its messaging in the most powerful and engaging way. From logo to stationery, printed and digital brochures to websites and everything in between, CuCo is a creative graphic design agency that offers professional graphic design services that make impact and lasting impressions.

  • Illustration

    CuCo Creative’s illustration service gives our clients the opportunity for their communications to be completely original and unique. Whether it’s bespoke typography, an attraction’s park map or product sketches, illustration is a creative graphic design service that allows a company to showcase its unique brand personality.

  • Artworking

    The artworking stage of the creative process follows the concept phase; where initial graphic design ideas are discussed and reviewed. CuCo Creative’s artworking graphic design services bring together all the elements of the design, from logo and images, to copy and other content files; to ensure your creative graphic designs are ready for print or online publication.


  • Marketing Literature

    Professional, creative marketing literature gives both credibility and personality to your brand, reinforces brand identity, and creates a lasting brand impression. As a creative graphic design agency, CuCo Creative designs, develops, and produces the entire spectrum of marketing collateral and stationery; to portray your business as a quality contender in your market.

  • Advert Creation

    Whether you’re considering a print ad or an advertisement for a digital platform, your advert’s graphic design and artwork needs to work hard to make a visual impact and get your brand’s message across. CuCo Creative designs and artworks adverts in house, working with you to produce an ad with a powerful concept that stays true to your brand guidelines and tone of voice.

  • Point of Sale (POS)

    CuCo Creative design and build bespoke point of sale display solutions for clients who need to grab buyers attention in the busy retail environment. These special forms of sales promotion target consumers right when they are in buy-mode, using engaging and creative graphic designs to reel them in and engage with your products.

  • Signage

    Business signage is a key advertising aspect of a brand’s marketing strategy, almost acting as the silent salesmen for your business. Creative and attractive signage can set you apart from competitors, draw customers in, and reinforce brand identity. As a creative graphic design agency, CuCo Creative designs and produces an array of signage for your brand, from exterior displays such as building signs, posters and totems, to interior features such as informational signs, wall displays, menus, and more.

  • Magazines & Editorial

    CuCo Creative can design editorials and magazines for your audience and readers as a core graphic design service – whatever your market sector. We work closely with organisations throughout the creative process to design editorials, page layouts, and whole magazines and other publications for clients who want to captivate their readers and inspire a loyal customer base.

  • Prospectus Design

    With a number of educational clients, CuCo Creative, as a graphic design agency, is proud to design and create bespoke school prospectuses. Our creative graphic designs communicate the calibre of educational institutions and give confidence in their vision and values to parents and potential students. We create high-quality private school prospectuses that incorporate superb photography, copywriting and creative graphic designs on excellent paper stock, with an impressive print finish.

  • Guides

    As a creative graphic design agency, CuCo Creative designs and creates guides for a wide range of companies in diverse market sectors. The guides we design include visitor guides, best practice guides, advice leaflets and business flyers. All are created to convey your message, underpinned by expertly designed graphics, photography and, of course, your unique brand identity.

  • Map Illustration

    CuCo Creative designs bespoke, high quality maps for organisations who need to incorporate their location into marketing materials, advertisements, brochures, websites and other creative platforms. Our skilled map designers can produce tailor-made maps using a variety of media, creative graphic design styles and imagery with impact that stays true to the brand.

  • Annual Reports

    Annual reports, including annual reports and accounts (along with other formal corporate documents), require a considered and creative graphic design approach that will take account of brand guidelines, yet offer an improvement on the previous year’s documents. CuCo Creative’s annual reports graphic design process will show you how to articulate important announcements, using creative graphic design formats and superb print finishes. Our graphic designs will stand out and offer a reassuring corporate look and feel to all stakeholders.

  • Exhibition Stand Design

    Our design agency creates incredibly creative exhibition stands for any event or tradeshow. Our team of creatives help plan, design and build your perfect exhibition stand, ensuring it is always on brand. We design bespoke exhibition stands and modular systems to meet any budget. We even take the headache away when it comes to storage, as we manage and keep your exhibition stand safe and secure, ready for installation when needed.


  • Print Management

    If the idea of choosing between digital and litho, between duplexing and triplexing, and between spot UV and clear foiling fills you with dread, CuCo Creative’s print management service is your answer. Our in-depth knowledge of creative graphic design and the print process allows us to advise our clients on those extra special print finishes that make the difference between good and great print. Plus, our relationships with suppliers means you will always get the best rates through us!

  • Exhibition Stand Manufacture

  • Signage Manufacture

A sustainable design agency

We are a sustainable design agency committed to building a greener future. At CuCo Creative, we don’t believe in waiting for change to happen, and we hope to inspire our clients along their own sustainable journeys.


  • What is graphic design?

    Graphic design is simply the art of translating ideas, arts, and concepts into the visual medium; for example, in the form of illustrations, artworks, brand and packaging designs, video productions, and more. CuCo Creative is a graphic design agency with over ten years of experience in transforming brands and businesses with engaging, creative graphic design solutions.

  • What can a graphic designer do?

    With bold creative strategy, a strong vision, and a talent for all elements of creative graphic design, a talented graphic designer can craft the eye-catching visuals needed to make a brand stand out. Our creative graphic designers at CuCo Creative are adept at a wide range of graphic design services, ranging from illustration, packaging, signage, and even video production.

  • What are the benefits of graphic design?

    Creative graphic design is an excellent way to translate your brand’s unique personality into the visual medium. Using striking artwork and engaging graphic designs throughout your website, promotions, and products, is one of the most direct and effective ways to grab your audience’s attention and bring eyes to your products and services.

  • How much are our design services?

    Graphic design is a service that encompasses a wide variety of potential solutions, so how much creative graphic design costs will depend entirely on what your brand or business needs to succeed.

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