Building a brand that means business is so much more than creating a logo, an ad, even a website. The job of a brand is to articulate your values and vision, define your personality and talk the talk with a tone of voice that resonates with your audience at every touchpoint. Done right, your brand will tell your story in a language that makes perfect sense and just feels right.

Developing a brand is a collaborative, cognitive affair. It’s just you and us. We push and pull together, we both listen and learn, we analyse meticulously and we absolutely get to the heart of the identity that will tell the story of your brand and bring it to life.

CuCo Creative are branding experts. We are a branding agency that is passionate about the power of brand stories.

Every brand has a story, a history, and a foundation that positions itself in the market. These stories translate into brand stories that consumers embrace and build loyalty towards these brands. Our creative team excel in listening to these stories and defining them to build inspirational brands. We use these stories to create brand language, this includes a mission statement and tone of voice. From there the brand language is applied to photography and videography.

We’re brave and fearless
– and we know how to
talk your brand’s language.

Our branding expertise.


  • Branding Workshops

    It’s time to ignite your brand. CuCo’s interactive brand workshops put your brand under the spotlight. Our brand expertise means we ask all the right questions as we guide your leadership team through a half-day of brand exploration, while your inside knowledge allows us to gain a deeper understanding of what makes you brand special. We’ll cut through the clutter, unearth real-life insight on the ground and gain new inspiration.


  • Brand Strategy

    A well-defined brand strategy should be responsive enough to be relevant, yet consistent enough in execution to ensure your brand is recognised and trusted by consumers. CuCo builds brand strategies that connect with customers on a deeper level. Our strategies engage your brand advocates in fresh, new ways, cultivating loyalty and making profit for your business.


  • Brand Architecture

    Few brands exist as a single corporate entity; many brands have multiple products, house and and sub brands and related businesses – all need a comprehensive brand architecture that defines the relationship between them all. CuCo is the expert in harnessing all your brand elements to create a brand architecture with synergy and to develop a brand strategy that will ensure your business is best placed to communicate and connect effectively.


  • Messaging & Tone of Voice

    A well defined tone of voice offers consumers an insight into a brand’s personality and is a crucial element of communicating with customers. CuCo work with our clients to define your brand’s personality and values to develop a distinctive tone of voice that is identifiable, recognisable and expresses your brand’s unique persona.


  • Brand Mission Statement

    Your brand mission statement will communicate exactly what your business does to your customers and consumers. Cuco works closely with clients to define your brand’s purpose, it’s overall objective and how will it will work to achieve it. Articulating a brand mission statement successfully will also reflect your organisation’s culture and its values to ensure your brand is perceived by your audience in the way you want it to be.


  • Messaging & Tone of Voice

    A well defined Tone of Voice offers consumers an insight into a brand’s personality and is a crucial element to communicating with customers. CuCo work with our clients to define your brand’s personality and values to develop a distinctive tone of voice that is identifiable, recognisable and expresses your brand’s unique persona.


  • Vision & Values

    It’s critical to define your brand vision and brand values to clarify what your business has set out to do and reveal exactly what your brand stands for. As part of your brand audit, Cuco will ask questions to determine how you should be perceived by your audience and what matters most to you, your people and your community. Our conversations will underpin your brand strategy and brand mission to create a vision and values that inspire brand loyalty.



  • Identity Development

    Following the design of your brand mark, our branding team will develop your overarching brand identity to bring your brand’s personality to life. This will include defining who you are and identifying your key brand values. Identity development also covers the development of your brand’s overall creative visual look. CuCo will apply our branding and creative expertise to ensure your brand identity is bespoke to your business and communicates your company values.

  • Logo Design

    Your brand mark showcases your entire brand ethos to a busy world of consumers. A brand’s logo must be unique, distinctive and memorable. Our expert design team work with you through the entire process, from pinpointing your desired look and brand ideals to developing creative logo concepts from scratch and finalising the chosen concept ensuring it represents your brand in the best light.

  • Brand Language & Systems

    A brand is more than just a symbol or word mark, it is an overall signature style. CuCo will develop your brand’s visual style and personality including colour palettes, typeface, tone of voice, photography and more. We always explore several creative looks to make sure your brand communications are relaying the right message.

  • Sub-brand Creation

    When your business evolves or expands to embark on the creation of a secondary brand, it’s vital you differentiate and articulate your sub-brand messaging so you can tap into new and existing consumers. Cuco will work with you on the process for your sub-brand creation to optimise the impact on and successes of your wider brand family.

  • Brand Evolution

    Your brand’s journey will evolve over time to keep it relevant and desirable and, as it does, CuCo is here to create effective ways to transform your brand and messaging positively and purposefully, but without alienating your consumers. Brand evolution is about taking legacy, audience perception, business goals and objectives into account. It calls for sensitivity, trust and a thorough appreciation of brand development.

  • Brand Guidelines

    Brand guidelines are vital for maintaining your brand’s personality and ensuring consistency of communications across all platforms by all parties involved with your brand. CuCo will develop a comprehensive set of brand guidelines for your business to ensure everyone involved in your marketing understands how, when and where you communicate with consumers.


  • Launch Campaigns

    CuCo has executed many brand launch campaigns for businesses who are ready to create interest and brand awareness of new products and services for the target audiences they need to reach. Together, we develop the corporate identity, define the brand message, create the brand assets and get set for an integrated brand launch that means business. We take account of online, digital, print and press channels that will drive business and traffic and ensure every message is visible, relevant and heard.

  • Content Creation

    Once our campaign concept has been finalised, CuCo will plan the campaign’s execution down to the nitty-gritty details. This includes creating engaging content that accurately portray’s your brand’s identity, developing key messages, defining timelines and deciding where, when and how each element of the campaign will be executed. CuCo’s marketing expertise ensures we produce detailed content plans that are conducted with nothing but precision.

  • Printed Collateral

    When it comes to printed collateral, we have a wealth of knowledge on the best suppliers and specifications to meet your needs. Always advising primarily on sustainable solutions, we produce a vast range of marketing materials such as brochures, flyers, guides, prospectuses, reports, packaging, stationery, signage, posters and mail-outs.

  • Website

    Applying your brand to your website will follow the collaborative, research and creative process that establishes your brand’s direction and the development of your corporate identity. Taking your brand story online and projecting your brand mission, vision and values to the world consistently calls for digital design concepts that we know will resonate with your audience and stay true to your communications strategy.

  • Videography

    Your brand assets will embrace your online and digital content, your website and printed materials. CuCo can help to extend the impact of your brand identity through videography to make it recognisable, different and memorable. We’ll conceptualise your brand’s identity so it can be applied through motion, animation and videography to create powerful film assets that reflect and project your brand beautifully.

  • Photography

    Are you looking to bring your brand to life? As experts in photography, CuCo offers superb creative art direction to capture the essence and ethos of your business in professional photography that will create a lasting first impression and memorable experience for your consumers.