Through brand vision and strategy, CuCo Creative develop meaningful, cohesive brands that re-define market landscapes. We consult with ambitious companies on everything from brand innovation and guardianship to launch strategies. CuCo help our clients to develop compelling brands that convert potential consumers into passionate brand advocates. We take the time to understand your company’s purpose and work with you to develop a creative brief, resulting in the creation of unique brand personalities and engaging brand experiences, both online and offline.

July 25th, 2016
How CuCo defined Courtney Thorne


As an award-winning marketing agency, CuCo provide our clients with strategic marketing built on years of commercial experience and insight. Whether you’re looking to expand into a new market, provide a richer brand experience or overcome a specific marketing challenge, CuCo can help. Continual testing, planning and adjustment ensure our clients point of difference is always working as effectively as possible to generate the greatest return on your investment. When all goals are achieved we will create a new target to ensure your business constantly evolves.

Our strategy for SafeSip


Bringing creative ideas to ambitious brands. We harness original thinking and creative flair to develop fresh, bold and commercially viable ideas. In the increasingly competitive advertising world, innovation is required to ensure your brand is receiving the attention it deserves. Our expert team have the creative vision to view complex challenges from a different angle, and to move beyond the expected. We work collaboratively to brainstorm intelligent ideas and messages, developing bold creative concepts. These are then translated into beautifully crafted, effective campaign models that once rolled out, trigger genuine emotion, prompt conversation and most importantly, drive short and long-term purchase behaviour.

CuCo’s vision for P&G


As an integrated agency for the digital world, we combine strategic intelligence and development expertise to design and build powerful digital platforms. Our approach is to solve complex challenges and deliver beautiful, yet effective interface design, integrating creativity with the highest levels of technology – all whilst minimising business disruption. Whether your online strategy requires a social media advertising plan, a bespoke Wordpress or Magento eCommerce design and build, or even an app developed with a flawless UI, CuCo have the desired expertise to help. Our technical infrastructure is tailored to ensure your brand offers a seamless digital experience across multiple platforms, that you control. Our digital marketing strategies then ensure users are engaging with your content and deliver traffic that grows revenue online by guiding them through the sales journey.


The brilliance of Kent Brushes’ website

here’s how things work

The process doesn't need to be complicated or mysterious. CuCo approach every project using our simple 7 step plan for success. It's our job to make sure the process runs smoothly and you are included in every stage, ensuring we achieve maximum results.




We start by gaining an insight into your business. Next, we work with you to understand your strategic brief, an essential step in meeting your requirements. Not sure on how to create a brief? Don’t panic, we are here to help. Working with you, we create the perfect action plan. With a brief in place we conduct relevant research and brainstorming sessions begin. Now the exciting part... we make the project come to life. We achieve results. Then we analyse these results and optimise to go above and beyond your expectations.

Finally, we review the process and make an action plan to ensure we are always working together to achieve even bigger and better things to drive your brand further.