In the world of digital marketing, there’s no doubt that social media doesn’t dominate. Social media can be an epic tool in achieving a return on investment for your company. As a company, you should ensure you utilise all of the suitable social platforms available to you to reach and engage new and potential audiences. So in this guide, our digital marketing experts will run you through exactly how you should best optimise each of the key players in social media marketing


Known as the visual storyteller and a personal favourite of ours here at CuCo Creative, Instagram can be great for ROI and should be included in any creative marketing campaign! Instagram boasts some of the highest engagement rates among social media platforms, which is perfect for reeling people into your brand story. Posting strong visual content will allow you to showcase your branding/products/services clearly and effectively, utilising the element of visual appeal. Incorporating user-generated content and leveraging relevant influencers/brand’s followers will also help you to expand your reach and build a community of followers that view you as being trustworthy and authentic. 

Alongside standard posts, you should also make use of supporting functionalities such as stories, reels and Instagram Shopping. Stories and reels, in particular, are wealthy assets in helping to further engage your audience and increase visibility. The best practice when posting stories is to publish them alongside a main feed post. This way, you can keep consumers on your page for longer and allow extra opportunities to feed your brand into them. Similarly, with the rising popularity of short-form content and an increased possibility of ‘going viral’, brands should focus on making video content that is either educational, advice-driven, or related to current trends in the media for the best chance of getting the most engagement.


Again, Pinterest is a very similar visual discovery engine to Instagram, creating a great opportunity to make your brand’s portfolio visually appealing and desired. Pinterest is a hub for users seeking ideas and inspiration, making it ideal for brands with visually appealing products to put them directly in front of a shopping-intended audience to help drive sales. Pins have a much longer lifespan compared to posts on other platforms, meaning they continue to drive traffic and engagement over time. 

The best practice when it comes to posting pins is using high-quality visuals accompanied by keyword-enriched content that is filled with relevant keywords in your pin descriptions and board titles to improve visibility. What’s great about Pinterest is that you can also leverage other user’s pins. So, by designing curated boards, you can organise your own pins and other popular pins into themed boards to make it easy for users to be drawn to your content and save it. Uploading to these boards consistently will also help keep this content fresh and engaging for your audience. 


The veteran leader, with nearly 3 billion monthly active users, Facebook offers vast potential and can work hand in hand with Instagram using Meta Business Suite. Facebook can work wonders for a brand’s social media as it offers advanced targeting options, which allow your business to reach specific demographics, interests, and behaviours, basically placing you directly in front of your ideal target audience! 

Using lookalike audiences can expand your reach to users similar to your current customers. To win them over, you need to ensure you’re using high-quality visuals and compelling copy to engage your intended target audience. 


LinkedIn is ideal for B2B companies looking to connect with decision-makers and professionals and works especially well when sharing industry insights, thought leadership articles, and your company updates. Not only does it include performance metrics like the other social platforms, but utilising LinkedIn ads, including sponsored content, display ads, and InMail, can again put you right at the face of your ideal target audience if you’re after B2B marketing.

Like most platforms, it’s important that your digital marketing strategy aligns with posting regular high quality content on LinkedIn to establish your brand as an industry leader. So be sure to engage with your network through comments, shares, and messages to build relationships. 

Choosing the right social media platform for you is crucial in ensuring you gain your desired return on investment efficiently and effectively. Leveraging the strengths of these platforms may help you to see overnight success or gradual growth over a period of time; either way, a win is always a win!

So grab your digital marketing presence by the horns, be your own social media manager, and steer your brand to viral success! Or, of course, you can always hire our digital specialists at CuCo Creative to be your own social media manager if you prefer, and we’ll let you in on a few more tricks that we have up our sleeves! 

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