As packaging design specialists, we love finding new ways to mix things up, especially when they appeal to us as being sustainable at heart. From box packaging designs to cosmetic bottles and jars or aluminium tins for pet food, we’ve done our fair share of sourcing sustainable packaging for our clients!

Some of our personal favourite eco-friendly materials derive from bio-based materials. But what even are they? Imagine materials that grow straight from nature, skipping the chemical laboratories altogether. So bio-based material is exactly that, products sourced from natural origins rather than smothered in chemical processes. 

So if we, as a specialist packaging design agency in Bournemouth & London, can consciously make use of these bio-based materials for our like-minded green-fingered clients, then so should you! So let’s go through exactly the materials you should be looking out for: 


Fast-growing and regenerative bamboo is a key superhero of bio-based materials. It’s a fantastic alternative to traditional paper or cotton, requiring less bleach and fewer chemicals during processing. Plastic lids to standard paper, bamboo adds that extra rustic and textured touch to any packaging project. 

Cornstarch Poly Bags:

Say hello to biodegradable plastic! Made from natural plant materials, cornstarch poly bags are the eco-warrier’s answer to traditional plastic. They’re biodegradable and compostable, offering a guilt-free solution to plastic waste, and perfect for packaging your goods for delivery or, more delicately, food! 

FSC-Certified Paper:

A classic favourite of ours and one we have mentioned lots previously – printing FSC paper! Paper that responsibly never goes out of style is a regenerative material that biodegrades and can be easily recycled into new products. Making it the perfect guilt free solution for all your box packaging designs, or any supporting marketing materials that parent your products.

Seed Paper:

Seed paper is a delightful blend of marigold seeds, paper and waste white cotton. Its plantable, biodegradable, and sustainable, making it perfect for any of your packaging endeavours. 

Pulp Paper:

In a world where recycled fibres are transformed into a versatile material that is both sturdy and sustainable, pulp paper is born. This sustainable option boasts a minimal environmental footprint, reducing the need for fresh wood pulp and conserving valuable resources. So, in the spirit of responsible consumption, pulp paper can be great for cosmetic packaging!

Embracing bio-based materials isn’t just good for the environment by being biodegradable and renewable; it’s also a hotbed for innovation! Bio-based materials are sparking creativity in the packaging world, pushing us towards a greener future, and that’s exactly why we at CuCo Creative love it. With sustainability on the rise and having an eco-friendly standpoint considered trendy, consumers are falling for its charm. This is why brands are not only jumping on board to help reduce the carbon footprint but also because utilising these bio-based materials can gain you a competitive edge and win over the growing eco-conscious nation. 

If you’re a brand looking to unlock this growing community of green-fingered people and build upon your inspiring desire to be more sustainable, then you’re in the right place. From sustainable packaging design to eco-friendly marketing materials, our creative marketing agency can help you source all these materials to help you create your dream product packaging. And trust us, we’re not called packaging design experts for no reason! 

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