Have you ever seen that perfect colour but really struggled to describe it your agency? Well now you don’t have to wrestle with vague descriptions or spend your precious time searching for the hexidecimal 6 digit number, you can quickly find it in a named palette that talks in plain English!

Ingrid Sundberg has created a ‘colour thesaurus’ infographic chart, and given a huge variety of colours a name, so that everyone can (all be it roughly) be on the same page when talking about those all-important tones, shades, hues and tints. We definitely think that Pistachio is an easier way for our clients to describe to us the colour they want on their brochure cover, rather than asking them to find #bad8c8.






It’s also a good bit of fun and looks visually alluring.

To see the full thesaurus, visit Ingrid’s WordPress site here.