The landscape of the marketing and design industry is ever-evolving and as a Marketing Manager or Business Owner, it’s vital you keep up to speed.

Don’t worry – CuCo are here to help!

Below we reveal our Marketing Team’s Top 8 Marketing and Design blogs. Follow these to ensure you’re a marketeer in-the-know or better still – subscribe to their daily emails for marketing insights and news conveniently dropped straight into your inbox before you arrive at your desk at 9am!

#1 Mashable

Mashable is a global, multi-platform media and entertainment company. They’re also CuCo’s go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content.

Examples of their super useful blog content:

Why newbie coders should start with Python
Learn how to triple your blogs traffic by taking an online course
Finland bloggers are on a fan mission to Instagram every ‘Game of Thrones’ location

#2 Marketing Week

Subscribe to Marketing Week and receive content twice per day straight to you inbox covering all you need to know about the advertising and marketing industry. We particularly enjoy catching up on all recent news and campaigns from the goliath brands like Amazon and Coca-Cola.

Examples of blogs our Team have read recently to stay in-the-know:

Coca-Cola preps Diet Coke overhaul in the UK to boost sales
Will this year be the year online adversing bursts?
Salary Survey – The best and worst paid industries

#3 Creative Boom

We love this blog! This content focuses predominately on all things creative, but specifically comment on art and design and their ever-evolving place within the marketing world. This includes reviews on books, artwork in various galleries, photography and visuals used in marketing campaigns and more!

Examples of articles they produce include:

Nostalgic branding project champions contemporary cosmopolitan world of Catalonia
Lower East and Upper West: Vintage photographs of New York’s vibrant street life
50 of the best graphic design blogs for inspiration

#4 DeMilked

DeMilked is a design magazine made to mix industrial design and photography together. It will give you new ideas, help you develop new angles and encourage you to embrace your most outrageous ideas. Being in the marketing industry requires you to be creative and the DeMilked blog certainly shows you how to do just that!

Examples of content produced by DeMilked:

Toilet design: The most outrageous projects
15+ portraits you wouldn’t believe are taken with a smartphone
People or animals – conceptual art from Hungary

#5 Creative Review

The best thing about Creative Review is their brutal honesty and hard-hitting opinions! No matter how big or small the company or campaign is the Team are they are discussing – they tell it how they see it and never hold back! We like to read their blogs to discover what other companies in marketing are doing right – or terribly wrong!

Examples of blog posts they write:

The Guardian goes tabloid: first thoughts
Cadbury’s new ad may be sweet but its claims are harder to swallow
Army recruitment campaign not too shocking after all

#6 Social Media Today

Social Media Today provides us busy marketeers with an overview of today’s social media news in just 60 seconds! The blog covers topics like social marketing, designing storyboards and sharing mobile marketing tips.

Here’s some examples of blog posts they write:

6 effective ways to deal with social media
Mobile marketing tips for small businesses
Top tips to strengthen your personal brand in 2018

#7 The Moz Blog

This blog’s content is particularly useful as it covers how best to leverage the web to market your business successfully. It also uncovers the challenges in SEO and attempt to sift through the confusion and explains best practices. If you are looking for help on how to use digital marketing to your advantage, this is the blog for you!

Examples of their content:

9 predictions for SEO in 2018
How to troubleshoot local ranking failures
How to optimise your Google My Business listing

#8 Fast Company

Fast Company is an innovative and unique business magazine who specialise in technology, leadership and design in a (wait for it..) FAST paced environment. The site provides articles and news (from America mostly), but comment on marketing and business issues from all around the world. So take some tips from this blog and make your content stand out from the others!

Examples of blog posts Fast Company produce on a daily basis:

How Amazon and Google made CES relevant again
The two-week race to design the biggest protest in US history
YouTube is shaping your child’s career ambitions more than you are

Let us know which ones you sign up to and if you think we’ve overlooked a great marketing blog, please comment below!

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