Although the cryptic, black and white squares were invented over 25 years ago, it took a global pandemic for them to finally take off. 

QR Codes are just about everywhere these days – at the local pub, on posters, TV ads and even on social media. 

Covid has turned a technology that was once dismissed as a failed marketing gimmick into an everyday essential. 

So what’s next for QR codes? And could it be that this time, they’re here to stay?

CuCo’s awesome digital marketing experts are here to offer an insight. 

Pandemic trend or permanent revolution?

Whilst not all consumer behaviours adopted during the pandemic are likely to be permanent (such as eating ice cream at 2am), the shift towards contactless is likely to stay. And in a touch-free world, QR codes are really proving their worth. 

Another key benefit is that QR codes tie the physical and digital world together, creating a seamless, easy transition between those two worlds. 

The ease of use and its contactless benefits have led them to be used everywhere – and now it’s hard to imagine a world without them. So, yes, it looks like the QR code is here to stay! 

How to use QR Codes

Even post-Covid, there’s still plenty of uses for brands and markers to use QR codes and enhance their customer’s experience. 

QR codes can be used to inform your customers, for instance, by adding them to a product to provide extra information. They can also entertain customers by bringing printed ads or even packaging to life. Some brands also use QR codes to allow their customers to access a product or service. For instance, some hotels now offer their visitors a self-check-in option via a QR code. 

What’s next for QR codes? 

The opportunities for bringing your brand or an experience to life through QR codes are endless – especially when combined with AR. Of course, only time will tell where QR codes will go next. But one thing is sure: Their use is likely to become even more adventurous and creative in the future.

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