Typography is an extremely important and powerful asset for brands and a crucial part of the branding process, as we have covered in one of our previous blogs

As experienced branding and design agency, CuCo live and breathe Typography.

Whether you’re a start-up looking for branding or an already-established brand looking for a refresh through typography, here are the latest typography trends to watch out for, according to experts:

#1 High-Contrast Serifs

High-Contrast-Serif Font

High-contrast serif fonts are bold, yet sophisticated and elegant and are one of the biggest typography trends in 2019. The contrast thickness of these fonts creates a dramatic effect, making them look loud and extravagant. So if you looking to for a bold, yet elegant font that add a hint of luxury to your brand – this is this is the font for you!

#2 Bold Fonts

bold font

We love bold fonts! These extra-loud fonts are great for shouting out your message and creating a dramatic effect. Bold fonts are packed with personality, easy-to-read and make your message or logo pop out anywhere!

#3 Unique Hand Lettering

hand lettering font

Custom-made hand lettering fonts are charming and special and as authenticity is becoming more and more important, more and more brands are moving towards their own unique and distinctive fonts   – making hand lettering fonts the go-to trend in 2019!

#4 Outline Fonts


These modern, industrial fonts have an airy, summery feel about them and make your brand look cool and sophisticated. Outline fonts are available in all manner of shapes and sizes and are a great way to refresh your brand look!

#5 Quirky Fonts


If you’re looking for a typography style to communicate the cheeky, playful personality of your brand, then quirky fonts are perfect for you! Quirky fonts are fun, uneven and extremely charming. They work especially well for brands that are looking to communicated their honesty, playfulness and cheerfulness.

If you need any help with developing the perfect typography for your brand, our experts are here to help! Get in touch today.