In todays digital world, blogging is becoming increasingly popular. Business, travel, and news are all popular topics which people tend to blog about, whether it be from an individuals perspective or from the perspective of a company such as CuCo.

The style of blogging works because it’s inherently informal and conversational, it keeps the topics you are talking about fun and lighthearted, making the blog as a whole more interesting to read than an article for example. The format of a blog is also much easier to read compared to a news article which is filled with facts, dates and tedious formal vocabulary.

Reading news articles continues to become more and more difficult to do in todays climate, as most news stories are tirelessly repeated by the majority of news agents, resulting in us hearing the same piece of news everyday, days on end.

For example, the announcement of Prince Harry’s engagement to American actress Meghan Markle was repeated on a constant cycle for over three days repeating the same facts which had already been released days before.

But what makes blogging so unique and entertaining is the fact that every blog post can be completely different to its last. That is of course if your blog posts are original?! Which many of them aren’t nowadays.

Admittedly, there are popular topics in which people are more drawn to and want to read about, but blogging for a business is sometimes quite challenging as it’s a different playing field altogether! It has to be witty and engaging while talking about relevant subjects within your industry, and yes, this can occasionally limit you as to what topics you can write about, but the most important thing is keeping your blog fresh and original.

This is what CuCo Creative ultimately try to achieve every time we write a new blog post. We incorporate popular topics which people want to hear about, with our business expert opinions making what we talk about original and unlike anything our competitors do. While our competitors may be blogging about similar topics to us, we always ensure we are only posting current and fresh content which we have thought of as a business, rather than looking at other blogs and using their ideas as our own.

We take pride in our creative and unique blog post ideas, and will continue to stay original throughout the new year of 2018! Make sure you keep checking CuCo’s social media channels and website in order to keep up to date with our latest projects and blog posts.

That’s it for now, but remember this Top Tip for 2018 – Always keep your content fun and fresh! Make your blog stand out from the rest, like a fillet steak next to a boring side Salad.