Ah, Christmas time. ‘Tis the season of peace, goodwill… and some pretty naff typography.

We see it in local newspapers the length and breadth of the country. For 51 weeks of the year they allow their mastheads to stand loud, proud, distinctive and distinguished.

And then the Christmas edition comes out – with those same titlepieces dripping ersatz snow from every character.

Why do they persist with this ridiculous and risible cliche? Not only is it done to death, it conveniently ignores the meteorological truth that festive snowfalls are rarer than hens’ teeth around these parts.

Musing on this in the CuCo Creative offices, we began to draw up a list of Fonts That Should Be Banned Forthwith – our own Room 101 of typographical terrors. And two of the first we’d like to consign to oblivion are AlmonteSnow and Snowtop Regular – for any or all of the reasons cited above.

So what are the fonts – seasonal or otherwise – that you love to hate? One of our designers would be a happy man if he never saw Comic Sans again; meanwhile our PR chap reckons Cooper Black should have been left where it belonged in the 1970s with a large weight around its neck. And how many hacks with a signed column to sub-edit reach lazily for the ubiquitous Brush Script?

Share with us your favourite examples of fonts that work, or don’t. Yes, it’s a highly subjective issue – one man’s heaven is another man’s Helvetica – but almost every day brings examples of typefaces used clumsily, excessively or downright inappropriately.

Never mind fonts of all knowledge – let’s have knowledge of all fonts.