Digital marketing has continued to accelerate away at remarkable pace over the past few years. With new platforms and technology being developed every single day, marketeers now have an unbelievable range of new digital marketing tactics up their sleeves.

Here are the top five new digital marketing tools we’re willing to bet on in 2017….

1 Influencer Marketing 

As the popularity of social media continues to accelerate at an alarming rate, consumers increasingly turn to celebrities and high-profile stars to help with their purchase decisions – a process known as influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is of course nothing new and has been exploding for the last several years now. In 2017 however, we expect to see this trend continue and reach fever pitch. From A List celebrities through to ‘Instagram Famous’ stars and bloggers, these hotbeds of influence are able to advertise, promote and encourage consumers to purchase all manner of products in an attempt to be like their favourite stars. For less well known brands particularly, influencers have the power to skyrocket awareness of their brand virtually overnight.

2 Snapchat

Over 100 million daily users now utilise Snapchat to discover the latest pop culture news and information about their most loved brands. 2017 will see more and more high-profile brands continue to join the channel to keep their followers in the loop of their daily activities – many 7 days a week, 365 days a year! With over 8,000 photos shared every second, marketeers are taking full advantage of the app’s advertising capabilities. With a collective viewer rate of over 6 billion videos watched daily, Snapchat provides brands and marketers with a free and unique broadcasting platform that attracts hundreds of thousands of potential customers – providing limitless opportunity for worldwide digital marketers to interact with users in real time.

3 Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is certainly the new kid on the block! As we write this marketers are experimenting and testing to find the best way to exploit this new technology to benefit their brand. Brands such as Mercedes and The New York times both created viral marketing campaigns with the use of VR and through this many companies and competitors have caught wind of the huge impact this technology can have on their advertising capabilities. By 2017 virtual reality is set to be a $1 billion industry and we are very excited to see what future VR has in store for us!

4 Live Video (streaming) 


Video is taking the content marketing arena by storm. As online video continues it’s inimitable rise, by the end of 2017 video is set to account for a huge 69% of all consumer internet traffic.

YouTube alone receives more than 1 billion visitors each month and Facebook, having recently introduced live streaming, has created fresh advertising opportunities for marketeers and brands worldwide. The revelation of live video streaming has enabled people to communicate their brand stories and build authentic, intimate relationships with their fans, followers and customers, as well as form relationships with potential new ones. Volkswagen and Virgin, along with many smaller businesses, have all released video content and live video campaigns that have rapidly risen to viral stardom. But of course, whether you spend £50 or £500,000, finesse and creativity is what will drive your campaign to success.

5 Mobile Marketing

If you’re not already implementing some kind of mobile marketing strategy then you’re already behind! Mobile users surpassed desktop back in 2014 and many continue to be leaving their desktop behind. With smartphone and tablet use now enjoying an all time high, digital marketers who underestimate the power of mobile will miss a massive opportunity if they do not shift the focus of their advertising, content and digital experience to ap
peal to mobile users. With more internet traffic now coming from mobiles than ever in 2017 – take advantage before it’s too late!

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