You might remember that back in Summer 2015, CuCo wrote an article all about how Coca-Cola-owned juice brand, Oasis, had launched a refreshingly honest summer campaign.

It was a bold move by Oasis, clearly designed to appeal to the millennial consumer, who marketers know place a great deal of importance in brand honesty, transparency and strong communication of company values.

Since then, a number of other big brands have followed this ‘insane honesty’ marketing trend with their own campaigns.

A quick reminder: what is insane honesty marketing?

Traditionally, marketers and advertisers alike have poured their collective efforts into promoting the key strengths of their products and services. However, in markets dominated by a plague of ‘bland sameness,’ some brands are taking a drastically different approach.

Consumer research across the board shows that our trust in the messages of governments, the media and now brands, is at it’s lowest point since 2012. In response, brands are becoming more and more transparent with their customers, sometimes even to the point where they actively point out and share their weaknesses in an attempt to gain trust (and market share!)

WeBuyAnyCar is a great example of this. Their ‘Value Your Time with’ ad campaign explicitly says that customers could get a better price for their car if they sell it privately, but that WeBuyAnyCar offer is an instant, secure and guaranteed service.

Seems like a bold move?

In reality a whole host of recent psychological studies have shown that people who use their money to free up their time rather than to buy products are generally happier. By using this insane honesty marketing tactic, WeBuyAnyCar remain the number one choice for over a million customers. Check out their TV ads here.

Another brand who have adopted this transparent approach is Buzzfeed’s social page Tasty. The page was launched back in July 2015 as a way to focus on food lovers.

Since then, Tasty’s easy-to-follow food recipes have sky-rocketed the brand to online fame! The majority of their commercial success is created via native ads on their social platforms, however they are also regularly sponsored by brands and demonstrate/feature their products throughout their videos. One recent ad we saw by Tasty demonstrates just how confident they are with telling their viewers exactly how it is:

What do you think of the insane honesty trend? Do you welcome more transparency from brands? Would this approach make you more likely to shop with them? We’d love to know your thoughts!

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