If you are half the typography geek our creative director is, your mouth will be watering and your heart will be pounding with excitement at the sight of what a Lithuanian design agency has been busy creating:

“Taste the Font” Project.

They whipped up a menu of four fonts and have served the following:

Times, Comic Sans, Courier New, and Gothic 821 Condensed as a selection of eggs and bacon, marshmallows, a sandwich and a cup of coffee!

Prim Prim have even gone to the length of looking towards history for inspiration:

Times was created (supervised by Stanley Morison and drawn by Victor Lardent) in 1931 for the newspaper The Times and for decades every morning this font was being gulped down by the eyes of the British families while eating fat fried eggs with the pig strips.

Food as typefont_Eggs


For the Courier New they invented innovative words to describe as below:

Courier was designed by Howard ‘Bud’ Kettler in 1955 and it soon became a standard font used throughout the typewriter industry. Later the font was redrawn by Adrian Frutiger and at last the new version–Courier New–appeared with Windows 3.1. It is hard to even imagine how many times different sandwiches have been eaten by the crazy writers and computerists in a rush, while mayonnaised corns were crumbling on their fingered keyboards.

Sandwich as typefont

The “bold, and velvety letters” of Gothic 821 Condensed have been likened to a cup of coffee whilst Comic Sans is likened is now a sweet, soft yummy Marshmallow.



We can fast see this becoming the new fad amongst designers! Our next creation would be dulce as an Ice cream!

What would yours be?