As an eco-friendly packaging design agency based in Dorset, we pride ourselves on sourcing the best packaging methods and solutions for the brands we represent. That’s why in light of Covid-19 emergency it is relevant now more than ever for brands to begin the transition into a cleaner more eco-friendly way of manufacturing their products.

With the environmental crisis at the forefront of many brands business strategies and organisations across the globe focusing on taking greener steps to become more environmentally conscious within their practice, the recent pandemic expands this conversation of brands having to enhance the protection of their consumer’s, employees and the planet against the spread of coronavirus.

Brands switching to more ethical and environmentally conscious manufacturing (ECM) means manufacturing with a focus on the most efficient and productive use of raw materials and natural resources and minimizes the adverse impacts on workers and the natural environment. A recent report from The Business Insider suggests that coronavirus can last on glass, plastic and stainless-steel for up to 3 days and only 24 hours on cardboard, meaning the switch to safer and more waste efficient alternatives is vital for the future of mass consumption.

Below we’ve put together our 3 top tips of how to transition your packaging process giving it relevance to the times we are currently living in, and in turn, these processes aim to benefit the planet, working environment and your consumers for generations to come.

–         Recycle and reuse your waste

Environmentally conscious packaging comes from manufacturing industries which use waste more responsibly. For example, cardboard and paper can both be recycled and reused to make packaging for your own goods. Additionally, any unwanted glass can also be recycled, to reduce the amount of waste your company is sending to landfill. If you have a large company that creates masses of waste, it might be a good idea to invest in a recycling machine. Although these can be expensive, they’ll reduce the amount of waste your company produces, which may even be a deciding factor for eco-conscious customers who are considering shopping with you.

–         Choose eco-friendly partners

As a packaging and branding agency, CuCo interacts with many third parties in order to source raw materials and parts, and this is no different for the manufacturing industry. Whether you partner with a printing company, or you buy machinery and equipment from others, a key way to make your brand more eco-friendly is to use environmentally-responsible partners, whose values match yours.

Although this can cause an operational reshuffle, it’s sure to be one of the most impactful decisions you will make towards building an eco-friendly organisation and brand. This can be something as simple as switching your packaging supplier for one which uses recycled materials or changing to a green energy supplier that puts a larger onus on the use of eco-friendly design.

–         Green employees 

Here at CuCo, we don’t just think green we practice it too, to the single-use bottles we drink from to recycling effectively as an agency and working with on the best eco-friendly suppliers to many of our staff choosing to live by vegan, vegetarian and pescatarian lifestyles –  that’s right we’ve got them all. So whilst implementing regulations to make operations greener you are likely to reduce your business’ environmental impact, it could be good to encourage some healthy competition amongst your employees to really get them on board with your corporate social responsibility. These could even expand to include basic changes around the workplace. Things such as getting rid of plastic cutlery and disposable coffee cups can make a big difference to your overall waste, so try implementing these and watch your weekly rubbish pile deplete.

With many of CuCo clients, including Scrummi, The Dorset Meat Company and Wild opting for environmentally packaging solutions it is our mission to support brands at this time in adapting and thinking ahead to the future. If you’re interested in speaking to us about eco-friendly packaging and protecting your customers and planet for the future get in touch with our experts are here to help! Get in touch today.