Let’s be’gin again!

Gin packaging – done! Next? Gin logo designs!

We’ve already shared our thoughts on some of our favourite Gin packaging designs, however this time we want to focus on logos, an equally important factor in defining your brand. Imagine your product without a logo, what would your brand really look like? Your logo is what makes the difference between a product that fades into the background, and one that people jump towards when its merely sat on a supermarket shelf next to its competitor, and the gin logos shown below do just that!

From the traditional gin logo design, to the contemporary modern approach, there are some fantastic Gin brands on the market currently with excellent consideration for their logo, and in such a competitive field CuCo know just how to make heads turn and elevate a brand through creative logo design.

With this in mind, CuCo wanted to share our best logo brands with you to show you. So check out our 5 favourite Gin logo designs here:

1) Blind Tiger

2) Dry Fly

3) Drumshanbo

4) Opihr

5) Edinburgh Gin

CuCo thrive and specialise in designing and creating new creative logos for our clients, and these top 5 are just a few that stand out to us. We love to design brands that demand attention on a shelf and capture the important details in every logo. It’s what customers remember and come back for, and it’s what we succeed in giving every client when designing logos for them.

Are you looking for a creative and exciting design agency to create a new logo for your Gin brand? If so, our experts are here to help! Get in touch today.