As you probably know by now, Packaging is our cup of tea.

And these 5 Tea Packaging designs are simply Brew-Tea-ful:

#1 Aduna

aduna tea packaging

Aduna is an African-inspired health food brand who offer a selection of ethically sourced and produced superfood products. When the brand launched their selection of African-style super-teas, a vibrant, colourful packaging design was needed to reflect the exciting, unique flavours and feel-good benefits of the teas.  Bespoke, bold patterns in the style of African fabrics were created for each of the five tea flavours. The vibrant packaging reflects African traditions with a modern twist and are truly eye-catching!

#2 East West Tea Packaging

east west tea packaging

For East West Tea’s Packaging design, an original approach was needed that was fundamentally different from competitors in order to make the teas truly stand out and reinforce positive associations with the brand. Birds were chosen to represent the different flavours of the teas, – each with its own colours and silhouette. To increase positive associations and give the brand a fun, quirky image, the birds were dressed up with clothes, shoes and accessories. The packaging is colourful and original, yet simplistic and not overloaded with graphic elements, reflecting the premium quality of the teas.

#3 Niche Tea

niche tea packaging

Niche tea is a selection of uniquely blended wellness teas founded by Amanda Miles in 2015. Hand-blended in the UK, each tea is made for targeted health needs, such as hair, skin, energy, sleep and even weight management. The luxury blends combine Amanda’s passion for art and scent with her experience in the traditional medical uses of herbs. She says: “Visually inspired by the constant evolution of fashion and art, our ethically sourced packaging is both disruptive and beautiful.” The stunning design clearly demonstrates creativi-TEA – and we love it!

#4 ICA Tea

ICA tea packaging

The Swedish retail group ICA needed a re-design for their own-label brand to better appeal to consumer’s emotions, whilst also standing out on the shelves. A fun, colourful patchwork design was created to give the brand a homely, comfortable and unique feel – tea-rrific!

#5  The Seventh Duchess 

the seventh dutchess tea packaging

The organic luxury brand ‘The Seventh Duchess’ needed a packaging that would reflect the high quality of the tea. Therefore, the previous tin packaging was replaced with an elegant tube structure. A simplistic design was developed that gives the brand a sophisticated and high-end feel. The result is an elegant, luxury packaging that clearly reflects the high quality and natural, organic ingredients of the teas. We love it!

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