Oh Honey…what’s the buzz about?

As packaging design experts, we’ve just pollen in love with these amazing honey jar designs:

#1 Greek Origins Organic Thyme Honey

greek origin organic thyme honey packaging

Greek honey is considered to be some of the finest honey in the world and the country has a long-standing tradition of apiculture. To emphasise its rich honey-making heritage, Greek Origins needed packaging that would reflect their history and quality of their sticky Greek delight. The intricate, bespoke illustrations on the brand’s Organic Thyme Honey range clearly tells the story of the products’ Greek origins and the natural production process of this extra special honey. Delicious!

#2 Helt Honey

helt honey packaging

The Danish honey brand Helt produces its artisan honey in small batches from different regions of Denmark. The honey is sold in six exciting flavours and therefore needed a packaging to reflects the creativity and craftsmanship of each of the products. The design is based on the instantly-recognisable honeycomb pattern, which features unique illustrations and icons based on its special process and the flowers from which the bees collect their nectar. What a clever and BEEautiful design!

#3 Karnos Honey 

karnos honey packaging

Karnos is a limited edition premium honey made from special varieties of 100% organic Greek honey. To reflect the premium and luxury image and the limited availaBEElity of the products, a simplistic, elegant yet unique design was created. So simple, yet so effective.

#4 Orino Honey

orino honey packaging

Un-BEE-leavable! Another Greek honey brand has made it on to our list! Orino honey is sold in two flavours: thyme and flower’s honey. Ancient Greeks believed that honey was the food of the Greek god Zeus, which is why ancient Greek graphical elements were incorporated into the packaging design using gold foiling to reflect the high-quality of the honey. To differentiate the two flavours, a black label was chosen for the thyme and a white label for the flower honey. A great packaging design that communicates the luxurious image of the brand extremely well!

#5 Terra Verde Honey

terra verde honey packaging

Terra Verde is a sustainable, Brazilian raw honey brand who sells their honey solely at local producers’ fairs and markets. The brand was looking for a packaging design that would make the honey stand out, communicate the high quality of the honey as well as its sustainable values – all with a low cost of production! A fresh, contemporary design was created, featuring minimalistic textures and icons to truly make the brand stand out in the sustainable market. A bright and simply stunning approach.

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