In today’s business world, being perceived as socially responsible is becoming increasingly important  – which is why many brands are trying to signal their higher brand purpose through their marketing activities.

Contrary to this, soft drink brand Oasis has launched a new integrated campaign, which parodies this cause marketing trend.

In the centre of the campaign is the Togetherness Bottle – a bottle with a double ended neck, which encourages people to drink together at the same time.

The new product was introduced in a 1-minute online video, which starts off in the style of other purposeful social experience ads but soon ends up in ridiculous results as couples of strangers try to drink from the same bottle at the same time.

Oasis’ refreshingly honest approach to marketing makes the Coca-Cola owned brand stand out and is likely to appeal to today’s teens, who are more sceptical about advertising than previous generations, making it difficult to get this generation to engage with brands.

However, not only teens are cynical towards ads – mistrust in advertising is common amongst all generations and people are increasingly criticising the trustworthiness of today’s advertising. Nowadays, every brand wants to be perceived as socially responsible, however brands don’t realise that people are getting bored of token brand purpose and empty brand promises.

At least Oasis are being honest about it – and we think that’s great!