If you haven’t already heard of Halo Top – where have you been?!

Halo Top is THE brand disrupting the ice cream industry.


What’s so special about another ice cream brand?

It’s low-calorie, high-protein, and low-sugar ice cream about to touch down on UK-soil sent first-class straight from the USA. With a whopping 20g of protein per pint, this ‘perfect pint’ has anywhere from as little as 240 calories to 360 calories! Amazed? So were we.

Oh and everyone else too – After Walmart started carrying seven flavours of Halo Top over in the states a couple of years ago, it quickly started outselling every other ice cream they stocked. In just 6 years, they are now the best-selling ice cream in the USA, surpassing legacy brands like Ben & Jerry’s and Häagen-Dazs!



They must have some impressive growth figures?

Yep! Between 2015 and 2016, the company’s sales jumped more than 2,500% – giving the rest of the industry a brain freeze.


But how did they do it?

Halo Top’s success comes down to a number important factors, five of which we will explore here.


#1 The Product Itself

With an exciting set of over 25 different fun flavours on offer including oatmeal cookie, s’more, birthday cake, pancake and waffles and mochi green tea, the range is fresh, energetic and fun! The product itself is revolutionary, comparable only to UK-based Wheyhey! who so far have only brought out chocolate and vanilla options of their high-protein, low-sugar ice cream. The flavours appeal to their customers imagination – what does rainbow swirl taste like? You’ll have to buy it to find out. It even includes 7 vegan flavours and 7 dairy-free flavours.

#2 The Brand’s Tone of Voice

The secret power of the Halo Top brand lies in the fact that it speaks the language of ‘healthy food’ – but draws it’s power from the unhealthiest of eating habits – with the brand’s website boasting ‘Finally, healthy ice cream’ whilst taking a dig at it’s competitors ‘That actually tastes like ice cream.’ It’s tone of voice is relevant to the 2018 consumer. The seals encourage customers to eat the whole thing with messages like ‘Stop when you hit the bottom’ – and obviously the more you eat, the more the company sell. Clever.


#3 The Packaging

The packing is exceptionally colourful and vibrant but above all, completely consistent across the whole range. Each flavour has it’s own unique personality but is still distinctly Halo Top, and unlike its competitor Häagen-Daz, their packaging stands out in all the right ways. CuCo’s Designer Ashton Milton said; “The branding is very playful and youthful, and compared to other healthy ice cream brands it’s designs and branding still successfully manage to make the product look tasty and indulgent. Its colours and visuals convince you that although it’s low in calories, it will still cure your sweet tooth cravings, whereas other brands have pictures of fruit on their packaging. Obviously they are attempting to attempt to appeal to health-concious consumers, but ultimately even health freaks like to indulge now and again! Halo Top have definitely managed to make something healthy look good, and hopefully taste good too”.



#4 Their Social Media Marketing

Similarly to their packaging, Halo Top’s social media presence is colourful and full of energy. The pancake and waffle flavour is shown on a plate surrounded by typical pancake ingredients such as maple syrup, strawberries and blueberries, and their oatmeal cookie flavoured pot is seen bursting out of a cookie jar. Their visuals on social media are creative and eye-catching, while at the same time tickling your taste buds and making the USP of their products incredibly clear.

#5 PR

Halo Top have harnessed the global PR reach of online content websites – including the likes of Buzz Feed, Cosmopolitan and SELF. Buzzfeed even has a ‘Which Halo Top flavour should you try based on your birth month?’ Quiz. Amazing.





















Now you know all there is to know about Halo Top, you can keep your eyes peeled this month because they hit UK supermarkets any day now! Comment below and let us know what flavours you are going to try first when they come to England.