You simply cannot beat clever creative advertising, our agency love working on advertising campaigns that let us test our imaginations and enable us to push the boundaries, and here is a great example of creative advertising. The designers at CuCo all agree this creative campaign idea by global advertising agency BBDO is fantastic. BBDO were commissioned by Mercedes-Benz to promote their new Intelligent Light System.

The two print ads that make up the campaign showcase the car manufacturer’s new System which gives drivers 60% more visibility on the road. The design is brilliantly executed through BBDO’s creative concept which showcases a Mercedes’ headlights, fitted with the new system, shining straight through the bodies of a cow and a deer. The idea is that the lights are so powerful and provide so much extra visibility that they create ‘X-Ray vision’ of the two animals.

A fantastically simple yet extremely clever and creative concept, the CuCo Team love it! Check them out and let us know your thoughts!


Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 12.47.05

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