Last night a handful of the CuCo team headed down to Bournemouth Seafront to attend the second annual ‘Big Bash on the Beach,’ a sell-out digital event hosted by Meetdraw.

The Meetdraw ‘Butchers’ are a team of Bournemouth digital leaders who support the Dorset creative economy and provide a platform for communication and development. As part of this, the team organise informal events that bring all types of ‘digital animals’ together to share their common passion of anything and everything digital.

With it’s laid-back, relaxed atmosphere and the gloriously sunny evening, the Bigger Bash certainly was an amazing way to kick-off the summer season. The impressive set-up consisted of cocktails and Pimms bars, a DJ and dance-floor tent, a variety of delicious street-food and a spectacular view of Bournemouth’s golden beaches.



Not only was the bash FREE, it also was a sell-out event that gathered more than 1000 creative spirits. It provided us with a fantastic opportunity to get to know the new talent in the local area, as well as catch up with the ‘usual suspects’.

It really is something special to see the collaborations and bonds between the many digital agencies of the south coast, and the Big Bash certainly proved that you don’t have to be a web developer, coder or graphic designer to be involved in the digital community of Dorset. The CuCo team had the pleasure of mingling with all types of creative thinkers with an array of contrasting roles, from Project Managers to Creative Directors.

With such a large turnout, the proof is in the pudding that the Silicon South and Dorset’s digital hub are expanding rapidly, living up to Bournemouth’s recent title as the UK’s fastest growing city in the digital economy (check out our blog about Bournemouth’s growing digital hub here).

The booming business and innovative digital spirit in the coast-line city has certainly been reflected on us here at CuCo. In the last year, we’ve experienced huge progression that has allowed us not only to double in size, but also to double in office space! Exciting times lie ahead for CuCo…watch this space.

Being all cocktailed and partied out, we’d like to say a huge thank you to Meetdraw for organising such a slick and exciting event, we can’t wait for next year!


Photo credit: @marcbubb