As a creative digital marketing agency, we are currently working with our clients to leverage and exceed online sales and ROI during this time. Experts in digital marketing, our team is strategically planning creative, interesting and thought-provoking content to keep brands connected to their audiences.

In this blog, we hear from our Marketing team as they let us in on their 3 long-term recommendations to market your brand during Covid-19 and the future.


No consumer likes aggressive marketing, especially not when it comes to a global pandemic. Although online retail sales have sawed for many retail brands during Covid-19, businesses need to maintain a respectful and empathetic approach to the current circumstances, and also to avoid brands being boycotted and audiences tuning out.

Understanding your market and staying up-to-date on news in your industry, should be well versed on the basic challenges that might impact your strategy or talking points. Also keeping your brand and audience connected to their values during this time can highlight the reflection, care and empathy making your brand relatable to your audience. Getting your message out can be as simple as updating your terms & conditions page on your website, keeping connected to your customers via social media channels, a partnership with brands that echo your values and utilising regular campaign messages via online platforms and e-newsletters.

Data. It’s there to be used. 

It’s difficult for small businesses to know exactly what is going to work in such an uncertain environment. But you can come up with a hypothesis and then test that hypothesis to see what works best for your business. By collecting data and using analytics about website visits, sales, or metrics that are most valuable to your business, you can then scale with the ideas that work and drop the ones that don’t. This allows you to try out new things on a small prototype level. Once you receive validation on an idea, you can dive in quickly with more resources. 60% of marketers suggest it is a balance of instinct and data, which is supporting them to navigate their way through this pandemic.

Valuable content

Both consumers and businesses are being more considered with their purchases and that’s not likely to stop fully once the pandemic has passed. This may make it tougher for some businesses to convert sales. But it also provides more opportunities for businesses that are intentionally telling stories and building relationships. To do this, you need to create content surrounding your offerings that tells a story and convinces customers why your business is the one to choose with their precious pounds.

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