Over the last decade the way we market our companies and services to consumers has changed dramatically. Largely due to the change in consumer behaviour with the rise of how much we use technology and how readily available the internet is, many brands and businesses have been transitioning to marketing strategies that enable customers to find them, rather than vise versa. Below we discover why traditional marketing methods are taking a back seat in the modern industry.


Outbound marketing (often called interruption marketing) is the technique used by marketeers who actively go searching for new customers and potential new business. Unfortunately, the outbound method of billboards and newspaper adverts are quickly losing their longstanding charm and such tactics are rapidly being cut out of modern marketing strategies. Why? People are getting bored and frustrated with constantly being interrupted and distracted by clingy advertisements, cold calls and emails or letters that just end up either unopened or in the trash. And it doesn’t turn out to be that effective for marketeers anymore either. You are essentially turning up the volume but turning down your targeting effort – potentially spending money on people that simply do not care about what you have to offer. Why try to buy a customer’s interest when they have not even noticed your brand and are unlikely to need your product or service?

That’s not to say outbound doesn’t work at all, of course it does – why else would big brands continue to throw money at billboards and newspaper ads? CuCo have implemented numerous outbound strategies that has earned our clients excellent return of investment. BUT continue reading to see how a newer form of marketing is now taking centre stage.


Inbound marketing refers to producing useful, relevant content that will attract new business straight to you, rather than having to go and search for it. Sounds great right? I know I would rather become interested in something on my own terms rather than be forced into yet another hassling sales tactic. This type of marketing strategy relies heavily on strong, interesting content that potential customers will be highly likely to engage with. But how do you know your prospects will care about your content? To carry out a successful inbound strategy, you must know your customer profiles inside and out. What information will they be looking for? Where do their main interests lie? What do they type into search engines? All of this is information is absolutely essential when planning and implementing a successful inbound marketing strategy.

So where do you start? Inbound marketing is all about creating a heightened brand awareness through developing positive and informative relationships with potential clients via blogs (that are subtly filled with important keywords), active social media content that lead to social shares, SEO, marketing automation, how-to-guides, video content and more. And guess what? It depends on knowledge and NOT on budget. YAY. Inbound marketing is way cheaper than outbound tactics as it puts ALL focus on earning consumers attention, rather than buying it.

So what are you waiting for? Get started today and let customers find you. After some more advice? Our experts are here to help! Get in touch today.