For most people, you hear the mention of AI, and red alarm bells start ringing as it sends a shockwave of fear regarding the loss of jobs, intrusive ‘stalker-like’ technology, and, to some extremes, even “omg we’re all going to be taken over, by robots!” But for CuCo, our design team are excited by the idea of gradually including AI to lend a helping hand and push our creativity to even more impressive heights. 

In the marketing world, consumer demand is highly centred around personalisation, promotional messaging, and brand storylines. So, from content creation, email marketing, graphic design, and the rest… AI can be used as a tool to help further elevate what your ‘human designer’ has already achieved.


Facebook and Google are some of the most prominent digital advertising platforms, and with those comes a great deal of artificial intelligence. If you want your social media and website to excel, AI is something you’ll have to get behind. An essential tool our digital marketing team certainly uses is access to AI-produced analytics so we can monitor exactly who our audience is and how effective we’re doing against competitors. 

Even the more traditional forms of advertising, like posters, brochures, leaflets and more, can all be made with the inclusion of AI. For example, generative fill on Photoshop has become a graphic designer’s best friend – especially in our studio, at least! Photoshop 2024’s version of artificial intelligence with generative fill can help to manipulate any photograph that perhaps needs extra love. As a marketing agency ourselves, more often than not, we have clients that ask for the impossible, but with generative fill at hand, we can make our client’s visions come to life with more ease.

Content Marketing:

With thousands of AI content-driven tools, you can get the content you’re looking for in seconds – copywriting made simple! Of course, it doesn’t always turn out perfect or to the standard you’re after, but it can give you a good starting point if your ideas are lacking. With some AI writing tools, you can write anything from blogs, social media captions, and press releases and have them written to suit your chosen brand language and be SEO enriched. Or, of course, you could use it for the more simple tasks like rewording and rephrasing sentences, generating ideas, etc. 

Content marketing doesn’t have to be about words; with artificial intelligence, you can also create AI photography. Much like the work CuCo Creative has done for HeadChanel, AI-generated images are graphically designed in nature and work to support and bulk out your brand’s imagery and identity. You can read our previous blog to learn more about our processes in creating AI photography suitable for brands. 

Digital Marketing:

Within digital marketing, you might not even be aware of multiple avenues of AI. A key player in digital marketing that uses AI is MailChimp. MailChimp optimises the use of artificial intelligence and can easily provide an email marketing strategy by using generative AI to send out emails automatically based on customer behaviour. This means you do not need to get bogged down in a tiresome mailing list. MailChimp has it covered, and at CuCo, we even manage and oversee several of our clients’ MailChimp accounts.

In conclusion, AI is more common than you would imagine in the marketing world, and we would like to think it’s by no means as scary as it sounds! For now, we believe artificial intelligence isn’t taking over any roles in the marketing industry as it is not perfect yet. But who knows, maybe we could be in trouble in 50 years’ time. 

Don’t get us wrong, AI is a game changer, however, we are a team of creatives that firmly believe in the ability of human minds and creative flair, so the foundation on which we built our creative marketing agency is here to stay. However, AI is definitely our friend. 

If AI interests you or could suit your branding, advertising, digital, or design inquiries, read more upon our AI practices and don’t hesitate to contact our Bournemouth marketing agency. We would love to confidently and modestly collaborate with AI features to make your visions come to life.