Marketing Manager, Social Media Intern, Business Owner, Office Dog – it really doesn’t matter – if you’re the one in charge of creating and posting images across the various social media networks on behalf of a brand – you need to read this.

Social media represents a seriously powerful and often underutilised series of marketing channels on which to quickly gain your brand the attention it deserves.

Here we focus on one quick and easy change you can implement right now to instantly boost the overall effectiveness of your brand’s social media strategy:

Ensuring all visuals posted by your company are consistently on-brand.

But how exactly do you make your visuals ‘on-brand?’ Here are 5 easy tips you can quickly and simply implement right now…

#1 Use Your Logo Consistently

Firstly, consider including your brand’s logo on all your visuals  where possible. Ensure the size and placement is always consistent. Your logo should never be too big that it overpowers your design, but also not too small that it can’t be seen and recognised. The bottom right corner is always a good bet because it doesn’t distract from the main content but still stands to reinforces the brand. Just like how Original Source do it below.

#2 Use Your Brand Font

Fonts can vary widely from bold to thin, from sensible to snazzy, and it’s up to you to know where the brand you represent sits on this spectrum. Ideally your brand guidelines should explain how to use your selected brand font, so make sure to check these out in advance! Ideally choose no more than 3 different fonts and use these consistently throughout your social media graphics.

#3 Identify Your Brand Colours

Repeatedly using the same series of brand colours will help viewers recognise that the visual belongs to your company. Incorporate your font colours into text, backgrounds, illustrations and more. Cadbury are a great example of this. Check out how CuCo have done this for our client SafeSip below:

#4 Select Images & Photography That Fit Your Style

Your visuals and photography should all reflect your company mission statement – what kind of context and experience is your brand suitable for? For example, Nakd WholeFoods show their products being eaten as a healthy snack at work, as part of a nutritious breakfast, and for foodies on-the-go.

#5 Design Templates

Keep your design time to a minimum AND maintain brand consistency by setting up custom templates – especially for specific campaigns. The result will be that all-important consistent image composition that is so great for user engagement because your audience will quickly become familiar with your design.

To summarise, created in the right way, the images you splash across social media on a daily basis can make a huge impact to your brand awareness figures among your audience.

If you’re not a familiar with Design packages yourself, consider speaking to your in-house design team, or employ a design agency to help you. In fact, our experts are here to help! Get in touch today