Halloween presents a great opportunity for brands to get creative and engage with their customers.

As an experienced marketing agency, CuCo know that a clever, carefully crafted and executed seasonal campaign can instantly accelerate brand awareness and rejuvenated customer loyalty.

Here’s a round up of Halloween marketing ideas that are so good, it’s scary:

#1 Airbnb’s Paris Catacombs offer

airbnb room in paris catacombs

Ever wanted to spend a night with the dead? Airbnb’s 2015 Halloween offer gave two brave people the chance to spend a night in the Paris catacombs – an underground graveyard with over 6 million dead bodies! The nerve-racking competition, which was launched via Airbnb’s website, offered the ‘lucky’ winner Pedro Arruda from Brazil a night in the world’s largest grave in a ‘real bed’, with dinner plus a private concert and breakfast – an experience he will certainly never forget.

#2 LG – So real, it’s scary

Warning! If you’re scared of lifts, we’d recommend you don’t watch the above clip. To demonstrate that their IPS screens are “so real, it’s scary” LG came up with a frighteningly creative idea. Just in time for Halloween, the electronics company placed their screens on the floor of a lift and then filmed people’s reactions as they get into the lift and the floor panels appear to fall away (an optical illusion created by replacing the floor tiles with dynamic monitors). Both an amusing and extremely effective ad that clearly adds legitimacy to LGs claim regarding the realism of the monitors.

#3 Burger King – Free Whoppers for Clowns

You might want to overcome your coulrophobia (fear of clowns) for this irresistible offer: In 2017, Burger King offered their first 500 guests dressed as clowns a free Whopper! An offer so good, even Ronald McDonald couldn’t resist!

#4 Lux – Save your skin

Lux’s 2013 Halloween clip starts off like a typical horror film: it’s dark, there’s lighting and a woman is taking a shower whilst outside a killer with a chainsaw is getting ready to approach her house. However, the ad has a clever twist, when the woman accidentally drops her Lux soap bar out the window, causing the killer to slip and kill himself. Then the words ‘save your skin’ appear. Clever!

#5 Svedka’s stalking banners

Svedka’s turned every internet users worst nightmare into a Halloween campaign – targeted online ads that will follow you EVERYWHERE. Similar to the horror classic ‘The Ring’, you’ll catch the curse if you visit Svedka Vodka’s website – and the only way to cure it is to return to the site and act upon your visit. An extremely creative and effective online campaign.

Whether you need a last-minute campaign for Halloween or you’re looking for something extra special for Christmas, our experts are here to help! Get in touch today.