Happy Chinese New Year to all our friends across the world! We’ve been impressed today by internet giants like Google, Twitter and Facebook, who have all embraced the celebrations and are sharing the love! It’s been really great seeing them connecting the East & West through fun and engaging imagery and video content.

Whilst some argue that today’s world of non-stop keyboard bashing and constant connectivity is making us disconnected and isolated in the “real world”, it’s important to remember that today’s connected world actually means that we can all have greater access to worldwide events and celebrations. Today’s prime example being the Chinese New Year, where the World has truly come together to celebrate.

cny fireworks - imageDJ DI25-018
On TwitterHappy Chinese New Year‘ and #YearoftheGoat have both been trending in the UK all day. Worldwide ‘Gong Xi Fa Cai‘ and ‘Kung Hei Fat Choi‘ were also trending, which (very!) roughly translate to ‘Happy New Year’ and ‘Wishing you Great Happiness and Prosperity’.

Today’s Google Doodle featured an adorable illustrated ram celebrating the New Year with traditionally Chinese lanterns and fireworks. As the primary search engine in the World, this is arguably one of the most effective ways that those of us who were previously unaware of the event can find out more, and explore another cultural event.


Finally, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg himself posted a video (on Facebook, where else?!) to mark the New Year. He very appropriately posted the video in Mandarin, which was both a brave choice, and a very admirable one and it seemed (though we can’t be sure!) that he did an excellent job. His English video description wishes everyone a year full of ‘health and happiness’ and therefore makes the video accessible to everyone who can either speak English or Mandarin.


Its so encouraging to see the digital giants using their huge reach to embrace and spread global messages of health and happiness.

Have you seen any notable brands embracing the Chinese New Year?