I have been using my WiFi iPad since its launch in the UK. I use it not only at home (my three-year-old loves it) but also for work – mainly taking it to meetings at the moment to show artwork instead of taking printouts, plus I have a Boxwave stylus for taking notes. We also have a MiFi unit for when we are away from the office for the day and want to keep up with our emails, but we don’t use this much as the credits only last for 30 days so we waste over 80 per cent of them every month we top-up.

This is a rundown of which apps on my iPad and iPhone I use:

Twitter (iPad, iPhone)
Tweetdeck (iPad, iPhone)
Facebook (iPad, iPhone)
LinkedIn (iPad, iPhone)
Wordpress (iPad, iPhone)

Pulse News (iPad only)
Flipbook (iPad only)

Firefox Home – access all my Firefox bookmarks across all my computers
Readdledocs (iPad only)
Plaintext (iPad only) – in conjunction with Dropbox – sync txt files into a Dropbox folder
Simplenote (iPad, iPhone) – in conjunction with DashNote – sync notes to my Mac
Notes Plus (iPad only) – notebook, works well with stylus and handwriting
Handwriting (iPhone only) – for quick handwriting notes
Team Viewer (iPad only) – takes control of a desktop remotely
Dropbox (iPad only)
PS Express (iPad, iPhone)
Adobe Ideas (iPad only)
iBrainstorm (iPad only) – use this as a sketchboard
Color RGB (iPad only) – mix colours and get RGB values
2DO (iPad, iPhone) – task manager
Dragon Dictation – for voice memos

Obviously I have far more apps on both the iPad and iPhone, but these are the ones I use for work. I would like make more use of the iPad for work purposes. Are you a graphic/web designer? What apps do you use for work?