Attention yoghurt lovers!

CuCo’s experienced food packaging designers have chosen some legen-dairy yoghurt packaging designs we think you should check out…

#1 Aplos 

aplos yogurt packaging

This Greek yogurt producer was searching for a name and packaging design that would convey the locality, honesty and – above all – simplicity of the brand. Therefore, the brand name ‘aplos’ was suggested, which is greek for ‘simply’. To match the name, a simplistic, yet extremely impactful packaging was developed. Imagery is kept to the minimum, with only a cow or fruit silhouette and light pastel tones used to portray the different flavours. A great packaging packaging design that clearly proves that sometimes, less is more!

#2 Arla Ihana 

Ihana yoghurt packaging

For the launch of their new sorbet-style yoghurts, the global dairy giant Arla wanted to create something extra special. Research into the market suggested that we buy treats for emotional, rather than functional reasons and that treats need to be worth their calories. Therefore, the Ihana brand identity needed to have an emotional appeal. An intense, mellow packaging design was developed that communicates love and care and truly set Ihana apart from its competitors.

#3 Cocot

cocot yoghurt packaging

Yoghurt doesn’t always have to be made from dairy! Cocot produce a range of premium, yogurts made from coconut milk! Aimed at a vegan audience, who value the environment, a cow blotch inspired texture in the colours of earth and nature was developed. In contrast to the rustic spots, a simplistic, typographical logo in gold was developed , resulting in a luxury feel that we absolutely love!

#4 Village 

village yoghurt packaging

Village is a family business who produce a range of cheese and yoghurt products. In a saturated market that is flooded with mass-produced products, the brand wanted to clearly emphasise on the importance of their traditional, homemade recipes and communicate the rich heritage of the brand in order to stand out. To achieve this, bold, iconic stripes were combined with a black and white village illustration to create a design that is fresh and contemporary but with a sense of tradition. A great design that truly stands out on the shelves!

#5 The Collective

the collective yoghurt packaging

The collective are a gourmet yoghurt producer with an honest approach. The brand aims to speak directly to what customers need and want: good, honest and healthy brand values. Therefore, the quirky brand needed and design that would reflect their authentic approach, as well as the high quality of the products. The design is simple and very effective and communicates the ethos of the brand extremely well.

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