There’s nothing quite like a relaxing glass of earthy red in the evening.

But how do you choose which wine to buy?

As the number of wine brands increases, it becomes more and more challenging for wine brands to stand out on the shelves.

Research by Nielsen has shown that label design has become a key purchase driver in the increasingly crowded wine market.

As Bournemouth packaging experts, who have created outstanding label and packaging designs for brands like English Oak Vineyard and Dorset Sea Salt Co., CuCo understand just how important it is to design labels and packaging that drives maximum shelf-appeal.

Here’s CuCo’s Top 5 favourite wine label designs:

1. The Cordelia   

Endearingly named after the winery owner’s daughter, the Cordelia is a range of premium red wines from the McLaren Vale Shiraz region in Australia. The label design is inspired by the Art Deco period, during which Cordelia was an extremely popular baby name. The copper foiling, textured paper and classic, yet modern colour palette give the brand a premium feel and ensure the bottle stands out on the shelves.

2. Wildner Winery

If you’re a cat lover – and who isn’t – then this is just the wine for you! Wildner is a winery in Rheinhessen, one of the biggest wine regions in Germany and is known as ‘the wine with the cat’. The exciting, fresh concept was created to reflect the personality of the wines – because just like cats, these wines are far from boring or ordinary! Each of the wines features a different cat, which reflects the story and the character of the wine. The eyes on the neck label are a great addition too. Truly a great, fresh wine brand that is brimming with personality!  Find out more on the Dieline.

3. Casa Mariol

Casa Mariol is a Spanish, family-owned winery with a history that goes back more than 100 years. The brand knew they needed a fresh, new packaging design, but as a small, family-owned business, Casa Mariol wanted to be able to also create and edit the wine labels at home. Amazingly, these colourful and bold labels have been created entirely by using default, amateur design tools including Wordart, Excel and Clipart – highly inventive! Find out more on Behance

4. English Oak Vineyard

Named after the giant Oak tree that sits majestically in the centre of the 23 acre Vineyard, English Oak is a small, family-owned vineyard based in Dorset, England. EOV produce a range of premium, award-winning English quality sparkling wines. The soft, pastel-coloured labels combined with the gold and silver packaging on the bottle necks to clearly communicate the high quality of the wines themselves. The English Oak tree was cleverly incorporated into the packaging design, which clearly differentiates the brand from its competitors.

5. Cava Torello

This special edition packaging from Spanish winemaker Cava Torello is truly a design triumph. The family-owned brand has a long wine-making history that dates back all the way to 1395 (!). The special edition packaging clearly tells the story of the brand and reflects the history and values of Torello and highlights the attributes and export potential of the brand. The black and white sleeve label is full of exciting illustration and lets you discover something new every time you turn the bottle! Find out more on Packaging of the World

Do you have a wine in need of a label or packaging? Our experts are here to help! Get in touch today – we’d love to help!