In today’s real-time, conversation-driven marketing climate, it’s pretty much the expected for brands to have an active presence on social media platforms.

The real challenge for brands though, is how to stand out from the noise.

Humour has always delivered great results when it comes to advertising, and research shows that customers are naturally attracted to brands who show off their character and personality.

Major brands are now getting bolder and bolder when interacting with their customers, and below we’ve gathered our Team’s Top 5 favourite sassiest brand tweets. What we really love about these examples is that the tweets serve a specific purpose – they are clearly written to position each brand in a specific way in the mind of the reader – often challenging widely held perceptions of the brand – whilst often appearing effortless.


1) That time Aldi slammed a school girl… and McDonalds!

This savage Twitter battle, courtesy of Aldi, is one of the sassiest we’ve ever seen! Not only does it slam the school girl bragging about her poor grades, it also fires a shot at McDonalds whilst elevating Aldi’s HR! Double Whammy!

2) When Smart Car proved they were mathematical geniuses!

When Twitter user Clayton Hove made this throwaway remark to his 4,000 or so Followers, the Smart Car marketing team fought back with this hilarious comparison infographic! Smart Cars sassy-ness went viral across Twitter and Facebook – and now millions of people are now aware of their ‘Tridion Safety Cell’ which protects the driver as they drive! Kudos to Smart Car!

3) That time McDonald’s hit back at the cocky ex-boyfriend

When ‘RetroThaKid’ took a shot at McDonald’s (and his ex!) they were quick to fire back and we love their feisty response in support of their unsuspecting employee!

4) Virgin Trains aren’t shy with their comebacks!

Virgin Trains didn’t hold back when Twitter user @joshbythesea accused them of looking ‘pretty basic.’ We loved their sassy comeback!

5) That time London Overground offered some time management advice…

The London Overground can get rather fiery when accused of making their customers late! This witty reply is up there with our Team’s favourites because of their straight talking!
What do you think? Should brands let their hair down a bit on social media or maintain professionalism?

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