Despite being the all-time favourite flavour, ‘vanilla’ just doesn’t work when it comes to the design of ice cream packaging!

As packaging design experts, CuCo know that although it takes a quality, creamy, delicious ice cream product full of flavour to generate longer-term sales, creative product packaging drives impulse purchase – it’s like the sprinkles on top of the ice cream, or the flake, or the strawberry sauce… you get the picture right?

Particularly for FMCG brands, an original and innovative packaging design is vital to ensure your products stand out on the shelves. Every brand touch-point matters, and often consumers first interaction with your brand is the packaging.

Here’s CuCo’s 5 favourite ice cream packaging designs:

#1 Phin & Phebes

phin & pheebes ice cream packaging

Inspired by the illustrations and writing on the chalk board in their test kitchen, Phin & Phebes’ packaging design clearly represents the values of the brand: that eating ice cream should be a fun experience and bring out your inner child! A truly unique and effective design!

#2 Bahroma

bahorma ice cream packaging

The oriental ice cream brand Bahroma ‘is a beautiful embodiment of mysterious orient which shines with colours, and smells with spices’ – and the brand’s packaging clearly reflects this! The exotic, colourful design combines traditional oriental ornaments with contemporary graphics – making the packaging extra special and very visually appealing.

#3 Bamsrudlåven Gårdsis

Bamsrudlåven Gårdsis

With the ambition of creating real, local and homemade ice cream, young farmers growing up on an egg farm in Norway decide to start their own ice cream adventure! With eggs from their own farm, milk from their neighbours and local ingredients, this brand story is full of heritage, spontaneity and playfulness, which is clearly reflected in the packaging design. The logo is inspired by the bell tower of the egg farm and the hand-applied paper seal gives the product a homely, handmade feel. 

#4 Nora’s

noras ice cream packaging

Nora’s is a fun and colourful brand that promises dairy-free ice cream without compromise – making every vegan’s ice cream dreams come true! The bold, vibrant brand packaging design reflects their playful and indulgent spirit. Nora’s is available in 4 exciting flavours: Mint Chip, Strawberries & Cream, Peanut Butter & Chocolate and Vanilla. Yum!

#5 Häagen-Dazs

haagen dazs packaging design

As we’ve probably made pretty obvious in previous articles, we absolutely love Häagen-Dazs’ new packaging! In order to stay relevant to younger audiences, the famous heritage brand needed a new, more contemporary packaging concept to ensure they stand out from their competition. The re-design has been a great success and we’re true advocates of the vibrant, Instagram-ready new look for this ice cream industry perennial favourite!

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