Originality and imagination are the two key ingredients required by those seeking to create sharp and powerful ad campaigns for Gin brands in 2018/19.

The best campaigns offer a happy gin & tonic-esque partnership of both the unique character of the gin itself married with a punchy message to resonate with customers. It’s all about creating that perfect balance of zing and meaning.

Gin is hot property in 2018/19. Last year we Britons alone purchased more than 47 million bottles – setting a new all-time record. According to the WSTA, UK Gin sales have more than doubled in value over the last six years, enjoying more growth than any other spirit category sold in the UK.

Look around and you’ll soon discover that Gin advertisement is everywhere – 48 sheets, TV adverts and even in your local supermarket.

So how can a Gin brand stand out amongst the feeding frenzy?

Here we’ve compiled a list of our Team’s Top 5 favourite gin campaigns.

Consumers can often underestimate the power of a strong ad campaign in influencing their purchase behaviour at checkout. These brands have taken the time to understand the type of customer who purchases their Gin, and what messages they need to communicate to that audience in order to peak their interest (and palates).


1. Beefeater 

2. Gordon’s Gin

3. Tanqueray

4. Hendrick’s

5. Bombay Sapphire

6. A little extra Garnish: Gordon’s Gin – Gordon Ramsay

Whether it’s through timeless elegance, or a clever pay-off, these Gin adverts were the ones embedded in our creative minds.

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