As a creative packaging agency, CuCo absolutely love fresh, new packaging design concepts.

This time, we went ale errrr…all out and selected our favourite ale packaging designs for you.

1. Ale Bro War

ale bro war packaging

To represent the original style of the Ale Bro War craft beers, an original packaging design was needed. Therefore, a series of unconventional characters, including bearded women, were created and positioned on bright, colourful labels. The ales were given unusual names such as “Naked Mummy”, “Saint No More” and ‘Sweet Cow’. The result is a packaging design that is unique, unconventional and truly makes the brand stand out on the shelves!

2. Candelaria

Candelaria packaging

Candelaria were looking for packaging design that would reflect the South American spirit of the brand and identify its culture. Therefore, the design was inspired by the annual ‘Virgin of Candela’ event, which celebrates Peruvian heritage with dance and amazing costumes in all sorts of colours. A truly festive packaging design that reflects the excitement and the South American spirit of the brand extremely well.

3. BrewDog

brewdog packaging

BrewDog has always managed to stand out with their packaging design. However in 2014, it was felt by the brand that, after seven years, their old packaging had become too young and tacky and no longer reflected the craft heart and soul of the beers. A simplistic, typography-led new label was designed that represents the personality and craft heart of the brand extremely well. We love it!

4. Rogue Ale

rogue packaging

Beer is supposed to be fun. And that’s exactly what Rogue Ale are trying to get across in their packaging! With funny and slightly odd names such as ‘Yellow Snow Ale’ and ‘Mango Astronaut Ale’, fun, illustrated characters holding a pint, and colourful bottles, the Rogue Ale company truly get across the fun and humorous personality of the brand. An authentic design that looks great and clearly stands out on the shelves.

5. Blacktail

blacktails packaging

The US-based Blacktail brewery is a microbrewery located in an old bowling alley. In order to reflect the rather unique origins of the ale, the packaging cleverly features a bowling bowl and pin hint icons. A pastel colour palette was created to reflect the different types of ale, which works extremely well in contrast to the hard-edged, typographical logo. A great design!

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