Don’t be salty – because we’ve got even more amazing packaging designs for you!

1. San Fransisco Salt Co.

Founded in 2002, the San Fransisco Salt Co. is the fastest growing Sea Salt company in the US. The company takes great pride in their heritage and high-quality products and wanted their packaging to reflect this. Therefore, a new, exiting ‘marine style’ packaging was created to reflect the pacific ocean origins of the brand. The new design is authentic and reflects the brand’s heritage extremely well!

2. Maldon Salt

The iconic salt brand Maldon were in need of a re-design in order to reinforce their premium image and appeal to a more diverse, foodie and contemporary audience. A softer colour palette was chosen in order to give the brand a more sophisticated look and combined with hand-crafted salt crystal illustrations and subtle embossing. The new look clearly captures the high-quality and craftsmanship of the artisan British brand. We love it!

3. Salisal

This salt packaging design is so cool, it’s hard to believe that it’s a student project! Salisal is a new, 100% organic salt brand from Salinas, Ecuador. The simplistic design and mountain graphic clearly communicate the origins of the brand and the simplistic design gives the brand a sophisticated, natural look and reflects the organic values of the brand. A salt packaging design so good, we wish it was real!

4. Saltverk

saltverk packaging

Saltverk is a sustainable salt brand from Iceland and is the world’s only artisan salt produced with 100% geothermal energy. To communicate this USP,  a unique packaging featuring Icelandic landscapes was developed and combined with a nordic style font. Furthermore, recyclable paper boxes were used for the packaging in order to emphasise the sustainable values of the brand. The packaging is truly authentic and clearly communicates the heritage, high quality and uniqueness of the products.

5. Dorset Sea Salt

dorset sea salt packaging

Finally, our very own packaging design for the Dorset Sea Salt Company! Dorset Sea Salt Co. approached us to rebrand their business and position the brand as a superior alternative to table salt. The new packaging needed to reflect the craftsmanship, locality and quality of the prestige salt brand. A simplistic, typographic logo was developed, which was printed on the packaging using gold foiling to reflect a time where salt was worth more than gold. In order to make the brand stand out on the shelves, CuCo decided to stay away from the typical blue hues so many other salt brands use and instead use soft pastel colours to communicate the exciting, unique flavours of Dorset Sea Salt Co. Furthermore, a handwritten brush was used as the font for infusions and key messaging. CuCo also encouraged the brand to move away from their existing plastic packaging and instead use recyclable glass jars, which gives the brand a sustainable and more prestige image. The new packaging is unique, fresh and premium and truly reflects the Dorset lifestyle so many consumers associate with the Jurassic Coastline.

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