Ooo-arr, we just love cider! Whether it’s served ice-cold on a hot summer day or mulled in the winter – the sweet, apple beverage is perfect for any occasion. And what’s more, our very own Creative Director was born and bred in Somerset – home of zyder… sorry cider, so as a leading packaging design agency it was only a matter of time before we published a blog about cider packaging. So here’s our favourite cider packaging designs:

#1  Cidrery Milton

milton star cider packaging

When Cidrerie Milton chose to refresh the look of its Milton Star ciders, the brand was looking for a packaging design that would make the brand more youthful and emphasise the artisanal character of the sparkling ciders. The typography, colour palette and tone of voice of the brand were completely reworked in order to create a packaging design that would truly stand out on the shelves and represent the fun and joyful personality of the Milton Star ciders. To better differentiate between the two flavours Grapefruit and Apple, a soft, pastel pink tone was chosen for the apple flavour and a pastel orange for the grapefruit flavour. The result is a unique, colourful packaging that clearly represents the personality and truly differentiates the brand from its competition – and we think it’s great!

#2 Cuckoo Cidre

cuckoo cider bottles

No, we haven’t only selected Cuckoo because of its name, but also because of its beautiful packaging design! Using traditional methods, Cuckoo produce a range of fruity ciders in exciting flavours such as ‘fizzy orange’, ‘smashed cherries’ and ‘mighty raspberries’. Classic mono illustrations were combined with colourful watercolour fruits to draw the customer into a magical world, where a bicycle wheel can be replaced with a slice of orange and a hot air balloon with an apple. The colourful and unique design clearly gets across the exciting, ‘crazy’ flavours of the ciders and truly makes the brand stand out on the shelves.

#3 Graft Cider

graft cider cans

The concept of Graft Cider was simple: to create a new kind of cider company, that would combine traditional cider making techniques with modern brewing methods. Therefore,  a colourful fun design was developed to reflect the fun and new approach to cider making. To represent the unique story of each of their exciting ciders, each with its own unique illustrations and designs – and we love every single one of them!

#4 Wolffer 139 Cider 

wolffer 139 cider packaging

For their new 139 Cider, Wolffer wanted a packaging design that would reflect the bohemian, artsy spirit of the beverage. To achieve this, flowers, geometric shapes, pin-up girls, bright colours and light pastel hues were combined to create a packaging design that feels messy, loud, confident and fun, yet charming and relaxing! A beautiful design that really communicates the free spirit of the brand.

#5 Lillevik Alpine Cider 

lillevik alpine cider bottles

Lillevik Alpine cider is a cider producer with strong, nordic influences, as the name refers to the family holiday home of the founder in Norway. Therefore, a minimal Scandinavian design was created to reflect the country of origin, which sits perfect with this the simple and honest product, which is produced without artificial additives. The powerful design clearly communicates the nordic roots and makes the brand stand out on the shelves. Simply great!

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