Logos are the most publicly recognisable form of branding a company can have.

To design a logo is to interpret a company’s mission, philosophy and market offering all through one iconic graphical mark. It’s by no means an easy task, but it’s our Design Team’s favourite type of Creative Brief.

Tastes change and even the largest corporations evolve their iconic logos to ensure their brand image remains relevant.

Usually a new logo is unveiled when a brand takes a new approach or direction with it’s products or services. CuCo have re-designed logos for clients in a wide range of industries, including food and drink, hospitality, healthcare, recruitment, tourism, education and many more!

Here’s some of our favourite Before & After Logo Designs:

1) Courtney Thorne

Our client Courtney Thorne’s nurse call business was on an upward trajectory and they wanted to make a statement. The time had come to be brave. To move away from the pale blue colour palette and sound wave designs that were so typical of their industry. It was time for something completely different and unique to them. Following a series of intensive brand workshops, CuCo created an all-new logo that would reposition Courtney Thorne within the nurse call market. Comprising 3 abstract pebble shapes to represent the 3 specialist areas of Courtney Thorne, the new logo is contemporary, distinctive and positions Courtney Thorne as the innovators in their industry. The C and T within the pebbles are clearly identifiable and the mark stands out amongst the competition. Competitors have taken note that Courtney Thorne are moving from a position of Challenger Brand to Market Leaders within the nurse call sector.

2) Richard Lewis Communications

Richard Lewis Communications appointed CuCo to evolve their existing brand mark. Whilst they felt positive about the concept behind their logo and what it communicated to the outside world about their company, the logo itself, needed to be re-imagined. Our Design Team worked hard to incorporate the existing logo concept of the faces inside the globe into the new logo but with a modern twist. CuCo took a totally fresh approach, creating a more modern sophisticated logo that communicated the expertise and professionalism of the company, whilst still ensuring Richard Lewis Communications appear approachable, rather than corporate. The new logo takes the form of two people leaning in towards one another – connecting. Their forms create the shape of a globe, symbolising the global communication and education sector. The teacher connects with a student in perfect balance. One does not exist without the other.

3) Athelhampton House & Gardens

Athelhampton House & Gardens approached CuCo to undertake a full rebrand project on their behalf. The existing logo was basic and starting to look tired and outdated. It no longer reflected the majesty of the venue and the heritage of the estate. CuCo created an all-new logo for Athelhampton House & Gardens that draws on the stunning architecture of the House, as well as the iconic clipped yew trees of the grounds. We created a new brand identity that offers a fusion of the estate’s history with a contemporary twist. The long-term goal was to increase the number of annual wedding bookings at Athelhampton House & Gardens and the new branding certainly drew the attention of London and Dorset couples looking for their dream venue.

4) Offshore Cafe

When the Offshore Cafe first approached CuCo to re-imagine their brand, the existing logo was incredibly understated and did not reflect the character of the Offshore Cafe itself. The logo had no visual connection to the Cafe’s impressive location right on Bournemouth Beach. It didn’t communicate the venue as the fun, child-friendly cafe locals and holidaymakers alike knew it to be. Our Design Team created an all-new concept for the logo, using ores to represent the Offshore Cafe’s sea front location. We ensured the new branding represented the Cafe as colourful, friendly and inviting. CuCo also re-imaged the brand environment of the Cafe, inviting the beach and sea inside the venue, ensuring the logo and branding of the whole cafe now feel and look more cohesive.

5)Dorset Sea Salt Co.

Dorset Sea Salt Co. are one of CuCo’s newest clients. There is a huge buzz around the company locally and CuCo are excited to be working to re-launch the brand. The existing logo featured the Dorset flag as the main focal point and the Owner had received feedback that not everyone who saw the logo knew the flag represented our county. CuCo created an all new logo with gold typography that illustrates the heritage of sea salt – which was once worth more than gold. During the Roman period, soldiers were even thought to have been paid in salt – their ‘salarium’, or salt allowance, is where the origin of the English word ‘salary’ originated from. The new logo is contemporary, professional and stands proudly, featuring strong gold typography with a simple pastel background to compliment.

6) WILD CARD – The Works 10 Year Anniversary

Last but not least is our wild card logo transformation! Our recruitment client The Works commissioned CuCo to design an extra-special, celebratory logo to mark their 10 year anniversary. Milestone logos are becoming increasingly popular among brands keen to highlight key events in their history. Not only did we incorporate a large number 10 into the logo to draw attention to the milestone, we also included the words ‘Celebrating Ten Years’ within the number itself to further depict the milestone.

Does your business require an evolution of your existing logo, a special celebratory mark, or a completely fresh brand identity? Our experts are here to help! Get in touch today