Content is king. We all know this by now. But how do we really make our own content worthy of this royal status? Follow CuCo’s 9 top tips for creating content that converts and let your content wear the crown.

1. Write About Trending Topics

First and foremost you’ve got to raise your cultural affairs game. Being in the know about the latest industry happenings is absolutely essential. Check out daily Twitter trends, national holidays and Google Trends at the start of everyday and plan accordingly. Getting your content about a specific topic out there first is a competitive race, but winning it is sure to make you stand out.

2. Determine Your Tone

Establish a tone of voice and stick to it throughout all content you post, whether it’s a blog piece, a Facebook post or a vlog. Customers like feeling comfortable so establishing a familiar tone of voice will not only allow them to recognise your work, but will keep them coming back.

3. Simplicity is Key

People want answers as quickly and easily as possible without having to read deeply into underlying meaning of unnecessary abbreviations or industry acronyms. Keep it simple – no waffle! Perhaps break your topic down into a list or steps (hey – a bit like this blog!) 

4. Include Interesting Intro’s

It seems like common sense but how often do you read the first few sentences of an article, get bored and then move on? When an introduction fails to intrigue a reader, what is the point of the following content? (If you’re still reading, we’re getting it right so far!)

5. Add Images

Adding visual elements to your copy really makes a world of difference. Not only does it break up bulks of texts, but it also creates a certain vision about your brand in your reader’s mind. 

6. State Solid Statistics 

According to Social Media Today “up to 50% of potential sales are lost due to inadequate information.” How’s that for a nifty fact?

7. Ask Questions

Questions not only keep your readers switched on throughout your content, but also provoke intriguing thoughts, imagination and mostly importantly, encourages engagement. Perhaps ask a question in the intro and re-evaluate the question again at the end of the article to really get your readers cogs churning. 

8. Create Interactive Content

Images, infographics, polls, quizzes, videos etc. Absolutely anything that your customers can interact with and remember, add it in there! 

9. End with a Call-To-Action

What is the outcome you want from this piece of content? What do you want your readers to do? Tell them! Add a call-to-action at the end of everything you post to further encourage your customers to engage with your brand. 

Got another further questions regarding your brand’s content marketing? Our branding experts are here to help! Get in touch today – we’d love to work with you!