Let’s brie honest – there’s nothing grater than cheese.

And as packaging experts, we get extra excited when we see cheese that doesn’t just taste amazing, but also looks amazing.

Here’s our Top 5 cheese packaging designs:

#1 Plymouth Artisan Cheese

plymouth artisan cheese packaging

Plymouth cheese is a cheese full of history: The tiny town’s cheese factory has been producing handmade artisan cheese since 1890. And of course, the brand is very proud of that. Therefore, the packaging reflects the heritage and craftsmanship of the cheese factory, as the cheeses are hand dipped in wax and then decorated with stunning, vintage labels – making this packaging unique, stunning to look at and most importantly, sustainable!

#2 Kakias

kakias feta packaging

The greek cheese maker Mr. Kakias cares about his cheese, which is made using only the highest quality ingredients. To convey this, a contemporary, fun and simplistic design was created that couldn’t be any feta errr….better! With hand-drawn illustrations showcasing the key ingredients of a Greek salad, this packaging design is playful, energetic and far from cheesy.

#3 Imokilly Cheese

imokilly cheese packaging  

The Imokilly cheese company is an artisan cheese company based in East Cork, Ireland. The brand’s yummy high-end cheese design doesn’t just look great, but is also extremely clever! To encourage re-usability, the packaging features recipes, wine recommendation and cheeseboard flags, which can be kept on the fridge or in a recipe folder. A great and very engaging packaging design that will keep this cheese brand top of mind.

#4 Fairview Cheese

fairview brie packaging

Fairview produces a range of award-winning brie and camembert cheeses. In order to appeal to a broader, younger market, the brand was in need of new packaging creative. The brand new design combines playful copy and illustrations with traditional elements, making this design truly  unique and appealing to all ages.

#5 The Living Food

the living food cheese packaging

Cheese packaging design might be tricky when it’s technically not actual cheese. However, a Spanish designer developed some great concepts for the vegan cheese brand ‘The Living Food’ that reflect the brand’s three core values: cruelty-free, quality, honesty. We love it!

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