Here is our second instalment of our favourite festive adverts this year!

Waitrose – The Gingerbread Stall


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The Waitrose Christmas ads are another classic Christmas advert that is long awaited in the advertising calendar and this heart warming story created by BBH London, shows how Christmas is the time to help those in need, whether it be a school project or the full Christmas dinner.

A young girl, begrudgingly is chosen by her teacher to help out at her Christmas fair. The story shows her numerous attempts at making the perfect gingerbread but through the help of the employee-owned Waitrose anything is possible, even the perfect gingerbread.

This ad also saw a social campaign involving members of the whole community to join in with the chosen song I Try, originally by Dolly Parton, sung by the Great British public!

We feel that there is a subtle element of Christmas in this campaign, especially emphasised through  the importance of giving at the end, when the young girl presents the Waitrose employee with the perfect gingerbread biscuit!

A loving heart warming, feel good Christmas campaign. We may even try and make some gingerbread!

Debenhams – Found It


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Debenhams used the iconic voice of Paul McCartney – We All Stand Together to entice the audience. The advert created by JWT London, shows children ran sacking the department store for their ideal Christmas present, showcasing what your ideal Christmas present from Debenhams could be. All the children are decked head to toe in Debenham’s festive clothing range and the ad follows a young girl dress in a red dressing gown on her search for her ideal present! Finally she finds it, just as she was giving up, hidden under the bed… a teddy bear!

This is an iconic step for the department store, as this year they have not focused on their Christmas fashion lines, but the happiness presents from Debenhams could bring!

Burberry – from London with Love


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Burberry was an unexpected addition to our Christmas adverts this year as it is their first ever global Christmas campaign, created and produced by the world renowned fashion brand themselves. To make the word spread quicker than wildfire they employed a Beckham, no not David or Victoria, but their 12 year old son Romeo!

Romeo Beckham has a face that could sell snow to a snowman, Beckham is used throughout the whole campaign to tell the story of the most romantic Christmas. The advert is crisp, clean and classic, exactly what the brand represents! The advert includes Ed Harcourt’s The Way That I Live to really capture the attention of the viewers through the whole 4.18 minute advertisement. Following their first Christmas ad, Burberry have also included interactive window displays in their larger stores.

This ad definitely got us in the festive spirit in the Studio. We aren’t wishing the year away but we cant wait to see what Burberry produce next Christmas!

M&S – Follow the Fairies


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Marks and Spencer have a high bar to hit when they are producing Christmas adverts as they have a pretty good back catalogue of successful and iconic Christmas adverts. So this year they collaborated with RKCR/Y&R to create their Christmas campaign.

This one is a little different from previous years with no celebrity endorsements, but they always have one of the best story telling techniques in the business. The ad follows 2 Christmas worker fairies across their journey of spreading Christmas spirit, as they fly around the snowy town spreading all the famous factors of Christmas; joy, excitement, snow and of course love! All with an extra touch of magic and sparkle.

The advert shows a variety of M&S products that will transform your Christmas experience combined with the magical cover of ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ by Julie London, to create the traditional Christmas feeling.

We were surprised with the advert and have developed a real soft spot for the Christmas fairies Magic and Sparkle!