As a Dorset-based digital branding agency, we believe clear digital transformation strategy isn’t just great to ‘have in the bag’ but critical now more than ever – it shows your business is forward-thinking, customer-focused and current. When a digital transformation is done right, it allows companies to provide unprecedented value to its customers.

In light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, non-essential retailers are having to adapt and move fast, as they lead their business with innovative digital solutions to communicate their brand story and remain connected to their audiences. Comfort zones are being stretched, as now is the time for retailers, who have relied on their bricks and mortar stores to bring in custom, are now turning to online platforms to reach their customers, generate sales and survive.

Firstly, digital transformation doesn’t have to be scary term – it’s about defining what a digital transformation means to your business. How do your customer’s shop? What experience can you give them online that gives them that unique feeling as they have just stepped into your store and what content do they want to see from your brand?

Secondly, it about looking at what you already have, working with it, and adapting it for online use. For example, CuCo has recently built and designed the popular South-Coast arts venue Pavilion Dance South West (PDSW) website. As their lead digital agency CuCo has continued to support the registered charity, in connecting with its communities and stakeholders through various digital channels.

As a creative digital agency, CuCo has implemented several impactful changes to Bourmouth’s much-loved PDSW website, including providing digital dance classes, performances, and screenings for customers to book online and take part in whilst being able to watch from the comfort of their own home. As a registered charity, PDSW relies on donations from the public, so to keep donations building, CuCo added a donations link to additional pages across the website – prompting visitors to make an optional goodwill gesture to support the venue.

During this uncertain time, CuCo knows how important it is to help businesses modernise, not just in this crisis we face, but for the long term. We want to see results. Recently CuCo has supported its clients with their virtual events, digital communication, change management, integration, data and security and customer experience. For the long-term.

By provided creative ideas across our client’s digital channels, we’ve been clever with our communication, delivered effective e-commerce solutions and integrated customer intelligence to give meaningful strategies – bringing to life digital transformation, working with our clients to make effective steps putting them one step ahead of their competition.

If you’re interested in speaking to our digital experts about supporting your business with its digital platforms and transforming now and for the future, our digital experts are here to help! Get in touch today.