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CuCo Creative is an integrated branding, strategic, digital agency based in in the sunny Silicon South of Bournemouth, Dorset. We provide creative marketing and advertising solutions to the South Coast, stretching as far as London, UK! CuCo are members of the DBA and are both an RAR recommended and awarded agency. We are also a D&AD accredited marketing, digital, design, and branding agency! Our team are experts in delivering integrated marketing campaigns in all areas of branding, advertising, marketing, digital, E-commerce, design, web design & development, and WordPress, and offer a strategic approach to marketing consultancy.

Our creative marketing and design teams work together to delver a wide range of website development skills and a variety of marketing projects for your brand. Our digital services include web design, search engine optimisation (SEO), HTML emails & email marketing, Google Adwords/pay per click (PPC), database driven websites, content management systems (CMS), social media management, WordPress websites and E-commerce websites.

CuCo are also a creative print management agency, offering a full colour lithographic through short run or personalised digital printing services. We are experts in paper stocks, print finishes, folding techniques and FSC printing. Whether it is rolling out your new brand across creative marketing collateral, print advertising, business cards, business stationary (letterheads and comp slips), packaging, point of sale (POS), brochures, leaflets, flyers, or making your brand come to life with illustration or photography, CuCo are the perfect integrated branding and marketing partner for the South West, without heavy London agency fees.

Our team are passionate about driving sales through creative marketing solutions, so whether your business needs to generate new leads, a brand refresh, or a website improvement, get in touch with us here at CuCo!

Whatever your marketing or advertising requirements may be, CuCo Creative have the branding expertise and marketing knowledge and experience to produce your next marketing campaign! Whatever your budget or your location, call CuCo today on 01202 911959 to discuss your brand!


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CuCo Reveal The Ways We Hack Our Daily Commutes

Now that the festive season has officially come to an end for another year, it’s time to get straight back into the routine of work (hooray!), which also means back to that long commute every day (boo!).

Like most people, the CuCo Team were once guilty of getting bored and frustrated when stuck waiting in traffic or on the platform for that delayed train (again!?). But that was before we learnt how to ‘hack’ our commutes – making them as productive as possible, and even enjoyable!

Here, we interview 5 members of our Team to find out how they’ve hacked their daily commutes. Next time you’re driving, catching the train, cycling, or even walking to work, maybe you could try one of these hacks – you’ll never have to dread a commute again!


Team Member – Tony
Role – Head of Digital
Commute Time – 20 Minutes

My hack is… Listen to a podcast


“Listening to a podcast is perfect for anyone no matter how you commute to work. Whether you put your earphones in or play podcasts in your car – you can enjoy the hundreds of available podcasts in your favourite genre! There’s comedy, business, sports, music, crime thrillers, and many more to chose from. Some even last up to 3 hours so just one podcast can give you entertainment for multiple commutes. I recommend iTunes or to download your choice of podcasts – I often start my day off by learning about the newest trends in the creative industry!”


Team Member – Dani
Role – Marketing Executive
Commute Time – 40 Minutes

My hack is… Learn a new language


“Have you ever been on holiday and wished you could speak a different language? Me too. That’s why I started learning French on my commute. I chose French because I wanted to pick a language I know I’ll use more than just once and enjoy holidays in the South of France – but if you’re away a lot on business in countries like China or Germany you can also use your commute to improve your language skills when interacting with clients. Now is your chance to impress your co-workers and start learning that language you always wished you could speak. I got started by buying a Learn French CD, but I’ve also spoken to people who have downloaded Language apps with great success!”



Team Member – Claudia
Role – Marketing Manager
Commute Time – 45 Minutes

My hack is… Create a to-do list


“Feeling unorganised and like you’re gliding through the week firefighting can leave you feeling confused and stressed, especially during a busy work week! I use my commute to write a to-do-list for my day at work which means when I walk through the door I can get started as soon as I sit down at my desk everyday. This works particularly well when my workloads are particularly high. On days you want to step it up a notch, you can even put your to-do list in order of priority for the day, and plan who to assign specific tasks to within your team. Wunderlist is a mobile and desktop app which you can use to create your list and organise it so you can access it from your computer at work, and your phone while on your commute. Download it now and get organised in time for work tomorrow fresh and early!”


Team Member – Ash
Role – Designer
Commute Time – 1:15 Hours

My hack is… Read a book


“It may seem cliché (I prefer classic), but picking a good book to read during your commute can not only entertain you for hours, but you can also learn a lot very quickly about any subject that interests you. History, geography, law, and business are a few of my favourites. #GirlBoss’ by Sophia Amoruso is what I’m currently reading – it’s brilliantly inspiring book, used to share personal stories from Sophia herself, while giving gripping practical advice which can encourage anyone to forge their own professional path. There are also a great number of fiction books on offer too and before you know it you have arrived at work!”


Team Member – Christian
Role – Creative Director
Commute Time – 10 Minutes

My hack is… Keep up to date with news and industry trends


“As a Creative Director your daily work schedule can sometimes feel so busy that you just don’t have the time to research current industry trends or look at relevant news articles, but on your commute – you have time! It’s so important to keep up with the latest trends in our industry and they’re always evolving. I like to turn my thoughts into ideas and implement these at work to make our agency more and more successful. Some examples of current industry trends include; integrating videos into marketing, implementing marketing activities into the customer lifestyle, and using social media messaging apps in communications. Personalisation of content is also becoming increasingly popular in media and business, and it’s knowing about trends and news like this which can help agencies succeed!”


How do you hack your commute? Comment below.

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