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Whilst most Mother’s Day campaigns are filled with stereotypical, sentimental messages, these brands have come up with some truly authentic campaigns to celebrate Mother’s Day:

Nissan India – Spirit Of Motherhood

Who says Mother’s Day only has to be restricted to mums? Nissan’s 2017 Mother’s day ad focuses on the role of a single father being both parents for a child. A great ad that proves that the Spirit of Motherhood is not restricted to women.

Pandora – My Strong Mother

According to a UK survey, over 65% of 16-24 year olds agree that women in advertising are still too sexualised.

To change this, jewellery retailer Pandora celebrated the strength and power of women with their ‘My Strong Mother’ 2018 Mother’s Day campaign.

The short 15-second ad depicts a mum changing a tire and – though being very simple in its execution – clearly emphasises female empowerment and strong female figures. And we think that’s great!

Moonpig – Let her know

For this year’s Mother’s Day campaign, the online gift and greeting card retailer Moonpig decided to interview people about how much they love their mums.

The series of ads features real people opening up their hearts to share genuine messages for their own mums – an extremely touching campaign that reminds us that we don’t always tell our mums how important they are to us.

At the end, the ad promotes Moonpig’s Mother’s Day promotion and offers viewers and listeners a free gift card when they buy her flowers – so they can ‘let her know’ themselves!

Carhartt – All Hail the Carhartt Woman

Another empowering ad that promotes female strength! The US-based work clothes manufacturer celebrates Mother’sDay with their ‘All Hail the Carthartt Woman’ campaign, which demonstrates the importance of working women throughout history who are not afraid to get their hands dirty! The ad depicts female engineers repairing a plane, female metal workers and women riding a quad bike through the deepest mud.

The company  states:

“We made this film because when you work at Carhartt you’re constantly inspired by strong women on a daily basis – from the women who work in our own factories in Kentucky and Tennessee to the women who wear our jackets and bibs on the farms, ranches and high rises of America. We’ve been making workwear for women since the 1940’s, when Rosie the Riveter showed the world she can build or fix anything. We see that spirit alive and well in the real women and moms in this film. While the film is certainly an ode to moms everywhere – it’s meant for any woman, man or child, who comes from a strong woman. #AllHailMom”

Definitely not your typical Mother’s Day ad – and we love it!

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