404 pages are web pages a user has tried to visit that could not be found.

A page may be missing for several reasons. For example, it may be that the site no longer exists, or that the visitor has typed in an incorrect URL.

But for whatever reason – at some point, a visitor WILL land on your website’s 404 page. Errors happen.

And these errors are not necessary a bad thing. As digital experts, CuCo know that a clever, attention-grabbing 404 page can help convince your visitor to give your website another chance and can help re-direct them to the correct pages. Therefore, you should make sure that your 404 page reflects the personality of your brand and make it as interesting – or even funny – as possible.

Here are some examples of great 404 Error pages:

1. magnt

magnt 404 error page

Through a Venn diagram, magnt show all the possible reasons why you may have landed on this page: either they broke something, or you can’t type. On top of this fun, provocative diagram, they’ve also hidden an error on their error page. Clever!

2. worrydream 

worrydream 404 error page

For his 404 page, interface designer and computer scientist Bret Victor has adapted the René Magritte’s painting ‘The Treachery of Images’ by changing the famous line from “This is not a pipe” to “This is not a page” – so simple, yet so effective!

3. emailcenter

Let’s be honest, in most cases the 404 error is NOT the visitor’s fault. So why not punish one of these useless developers for their mistakes by getting one of them fired? Or alternatively, you could just return to emailcenter’s homepage. A clever, funny and engaging 404 page!

4. mint.com

mint.com 404 error page

The page you are looking for might not be available – but luckily, Justin is! This humorous 404 page is both funny and effective! Rather than making the visitor feel disappointed or even angry about the fact that they can not access the site, this 404 page leaves a smile on the visitor’s face, whilst also pointing visitors to other pages they might want to visit instead. So clever and definitely one of our favourites!

5. CuCo

Last but not least – our very own 404 page!

Whether it’s one of our staff member’s faults or the El Cuco monster ate it – we will be sure someone gets blame and humiliation thrust upon them! The site also gives you the option to either return to the previous page or go to the homepage. A great 404 page example.

Whether you’re in need of a clever 404 page or a whole new website design for your brand, our experts are here to help! Get in touch today.