Nike were faced with a challenge. The ‘real kids’ of London felt the brand had lost touch with them and that it didn’t talk to them in their own language anymore. Nike turned to their long-term ad agency, Wieden+Kennedy, for help.

Cue the release of Nike’s ‘Nothing Beats a Londoner’ advert. The three-minute film that launched earlier this month. An incredible 258 real-life young Londoners appear in the film.

If you missed the advert, you can watch it below:

Shot on 16mm film instead of digital, the ad is able to capture the texture of the city. It’s dynamic, uplifting, exciting, heartwarming and even funny in places.

Londoners are fiercely competitive and young Londoners shape sport and culture in the metropolis around them.

In a totally innovative approach to launching an ad campaign – each athlete was given their own short ‘scene’ as a standalone piece of content which they posted on Instagram, linking to the next competitor.

Soon after, the full version was released, starring famous faces from Mo Farah to Skepta. For Nike- clearly nothing is ever too much.

It takes risks. It’s gritty. It makes the Nike brand feel progressive. And we love that.

Nike’s advert topped YouTube’s trending chart within hours of being released and racked up more than 2.9 million views in a week. Impressive stuff right? The ad has received national press coverage and was even tweeted by Sadiq Khan, aka the Mayor of London!

It’s incredible to see the dedication of these young athletes, who showcase their own individual talents in sport, and their personal endurance in achieving their dream of becoming a professional athlete.

Wieden & Kennedy’s Creative Directors said: “Despite the star cameos, the creative flips the traditional models, it holds kids up as the inspiration for all – championing them, their spirit and incredible athlete mindset.”

Shot in 12 different locations, the ad has helped the Borough’s of London to come together by creating a sense of unity across the city. It also shine’s a spotlight on the vibrant youth culture and exciting sports community within our capital city, – with Nike at the heart of course.

You couldn’t ask for more from an advert – could you?

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