We are no different to most people at the CuCo tower in the fact we LOVE our food!

Hence when the Bournemouth Food and Drink Festival crew chose CuCo to work on their digital site we were delighted.

Bournemouth Food and Drink Festival is aimed at fellow food lovers. Even when we asked Patrick the founder why he started it, his response was simple. “I was hungry and I love food” I couldn’t stop laughing as it was so simple and so honest. I had this vision of him walking around Bournemouth, kneeling down on his knees, arms in the air, roaring “I am hungry and I want to eat lots of nice healthy local food.”

Whether it is due to all the festivals around the area lately – but a few places have popped up such as EAUdeVIE, South Coast Roast, De Mario & Flirt that promote healthy, locally sourced produce supporting the local farmers. Bournemouth Food and Drink Festival is the latest conurbation festival including Christchurch and Wimborne promoting local food companies as well as gathering and introducing our incredibly lush farms that bring us the freshest produce around. Award winning cheeses and ales. Tender beef and home made jams with freshly baked goodies.

In all honesty I find it surprising that Bournemouth hasn’t had a food festival before promoting the best the area has to offer given that Bournemouth town is a tourist hot spot with award winning beaches, parks, attractions and an array of Hotels.

Hence we strongly recommend – as fellow food lovers – you take a peak at the events page and join us eating and drinking to the hearts content! http://www.bournemouthfoodanddrink.co.uk/events/